Just like any sport with special equipment, golf should be approached in the right manner so you don’t get overwhelmed by all the techniques and equipment. Here are the top 10 things you’ll need, from equipment to exercises, to get you on a golf course as quickly as possible.

1.      Golf Clubs

The variety of golf clubs can get any beginner overwhelmed. Wood and iron have different styles represented by numbers 1 to 9. Easy to use putters are a must for beginners. There are different types of putters, so going with a general easy one at first is recommended. If you know anything about golfing , you know that you need the best putters there are, 


2.      Golf Balls

Professionals usually use three-piece balls while, beginners stick with two-piece balls with a rubber center and surlyn cover. You’re looking for durable balls that can travel a good distance while being cheaper.


3.      Golf Bag

Get a bag that can help you stay comfortable while traveling the whole golf course. Golf trolleys are also recommended to hold golf clubs as they are heavier to transport in a bag.


4.      Tees

Tees are the plastic or metal stands that support a stationary ball on the ground. It’s recommended to get large tees as you can hardly go wrong with them as you can comfortably push them to the ground to a satisfying height.


5.      Gloves

Golfers don’t wear gloves to look cool; they wear them to get a better grip on the club and prevent injuries to the skin. As long as it is grippy and comfortable it should be enough.

6.      Shoes

You’ll be walking on terrains that can be tough or mushy. It’s necessary to get yourself a pair of shoes that are comfortable to be worn for long durations. Ignoring shoes can put a lot of stress on your leg, which could end up with an injury or bad form.


7.      Collared Polos

Most, if not all, golf courses have a certain dress code, collared polos to be specific, that you should abide by. If the climate is cool and windy, cotton should keep you free and warm. Synthetic materials that go well with sweat are recommended for humid climates.


8.      Golf Shorts or Slacks

Climate and preference are usually the determiners of whether you should wear shorts or slacks. Avoid in all instances wearing drawstrings and soccer shorts. Khaki greys and cream are usually the best colors for beginners; moving to lighter colors as you establish yourself is the norm.


9.      Lessons

It’s recommended for any beginner to take up golf lessons with professional trainers to learn how to swing the club, the type of clubs you need, and how to practice safely.


10.   Hats

Since you’ll be playing mostly under the sun, you can get easily burnt or exhausted easily. A hat is a great solution. You can choose from baseball caps, visors, or even a cowboy hat. Another great thing you can use is a women's golf visor, this way the sun is out of your eyes. 


Getting started with good momentum is very good but make sure not to stray away from learning about the basics first. Getting the right equipment is a good start, so don’t waste it by not doing research on the sport or by ignoring tips from the pros.

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