When you decide to buy a pressure washing, you need to know a few pointers that will steer you to getting the perfect one. As of now, the market is saturated with many products; hence; you can be in limbo. You will start wondering which pressure cleaning machine will suit all your needs. Well, this article is specially meant for you as it gives you all the in-depth insights about the item.

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  1. Types of Pressure Cleaners


Pressure cleaners fall under two categories; they are gas or electricity-powered. You will find the various models at JCEcoBlasting.com. The two are utterly distinct due to the areas that they can clean. Electric pressure washers tend to do light jobs as compared to the gas pressure cleaners. Similarly, the gas type produces massive noise as you clean a concrete surface. Electric pressure is typically straightforward for beginners, and it will give you an easy time.  You must also choose between a commercial vs residential pressure washer. I suggest you first read the commercial vs residential pressure washer article for your reference before buying one.


  1. Usage


High-pressure cleaners are used for multiple purposes to get rid of the dirt within a short time. As aforementioned, you can use gas cleaners to wash patios, decks, bricks, and concrete surfaces. On the other hand, electric pressure cleaners do well with light and medium tasks. You can use them to clean your car, fence, lawn, or swimming pool. 


  1. Cost


Your budget will determine the pressure washer that you will own as part of your assets. Therefore, if your budget is somewhat tight, you can go with those that utilize electricity. Pressure cleaners powered by gases are quite pricey because they are heavy-duty. With that said, you can settle for one which is within your budget.


  1. Noise


If you are an early bird, you don’t need to cause disturbance to your family and neighbors. If you live in a quiet area, you should consider an electric model which has minimal noise. As for the gas pressure washer, it produces annoying sound. So, depending on the environment you live in, you can make an ideal pick. 


  1. Size


Electric pressure cleaners are lightweight as compared to their gas counterparts. When it comes to pressure capacity, products that use electricity have a range of 100BAR. Those that optimize on gas come with a pressure ability of 130BAR+. They are also big and bulky in weight. 


  1. Gallons


Pressure cleaners have different gallons in a minute commonly known as GPM. It refers to the water that flows within a minute as you do your cleaning. High GPM means that you complete tasks faster due to the water flow. For this reason, you can consider a flow rate of about 1 to 5. 


  1. Pushing Force


It is measured as pounds per square inch or PSI. The pushing force is the power that the machine uses to get rid of any dirt and dust thoroughly. The pressure of most cleaners is roughly 1000 to 3500 PSI. 


  1. Water to use


Which type of water cleans better, cold or hot? Basically, hot water is the best to wash all kinds of surfaces. If there is any oil or stains stuck on your patio, it will be removed with one clean. Some pressure cleaners warm up the water to 60 degrees Celsius for optimal performance.


  1. Hoses


Pressure washers have different hose lengths to help you wash different sections. To get the best experience out of your machine, you need to buy one with a long hose. You won’t have to carry the pressure cleaner since some of them are heavy to the core. Thus, it will become highly versatile if you need to wash a large area. 


  1. Nozzles


It is a paramount part of the pressure washer that can make cleaning daunting or seamless. On that account, the best that will admirably serve you are 0 degrees, 25 degrees, and 40 degrees. At about 40 degrees, you can clean faster due to the large surface it covers.


Final Thoughts


Subsequently, the above information will guide you when you buy a pressure cleaner for the first time. Most importantly, you should look out for the price of the machines. Additionally, factor in how it performs so that you can do work with sheer simplicity.

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