From construction to tech, workplace safety is crucial for every industry. A safe workplace doesn’t just protect workers from injury and illness, but it has other positive implications as well. 


For one, fewer injuries directly imply lower injury costs. When a worker is injured or ill, the organisation has to spend time and resources to hire and train a replacement. Also, stringent safety measures play an important role in reducing absenteeism. Apart from these, a safe and healthy workplace promotes employee productivity and boosts morale. 


Do you run a welding and fabrication business? Here are a few useful tips to ensure workplace safety for your employees.



     1. Provide Training


Welding isn’t a job that someone can figure out as they go. There are a number of risks involved in welding, which makes it essential to invest in proper worker training. Effective training should be given to technicians to help them understand and prevent different hazards.



   2. Give Clear Instructions


It’s your duty to give clear instructions, especially to new workers. Clear and comprehensive instructions will allow workers to properly prepare for the job. If you’re providing printed instructions, make sure they are in an easy-to-read font.



   3. Supply Proper Gear


Wearing proper welding gear cannot be overlooked. Short-sleeved shirts or shorts won’t make the cut. All workers should wear full-length clothes and protective coveralls for extra layers of safety. Also, they should wear sturdy leather boots and gloves that offer protection and comfort.


Eye protection is another thing that shouldn't be undermined. Supply your welding technicians with well-filling welding helmets.



   4. Install Fume Extractor


Exposure to welding fumes and vapours can lead to various respiratory disorders. To safeguard your workers against such illnesses, make sure your workshop is properly ventilated. Install Dust & Fume Extraction Systems that will exhaust harmful fumes and keep the air circulating.



  5. Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury


Welding in the same position for a prolonged period of time can lead to repetitive strain injury. Such injuries can have a life-long impact on your workers. To prevent this, look in ergonomics. You can achieve that by eliminating stressful motions and postures.



   6. Set Machines Properly


Is there a specific machine set up required for certain welding jobs? Rather than leaving new welders to their own devices, establish a reliable chain of authority. Either provide them with proper training beforehand or assign a lead welder who can offer supervision.



   7. Maintain Comfortable Workshop Temperature


Even slightly uncomfortable workplace temperature impacts employee productivity. It’s no secret that welding workshops can get quite hot. And in addition to the high workshop temperature, welders are also required to wear protective clothing. Apart from installing a proper ventilation system, you can also provide your workers with cooling vests for extra comfort.



   8. Cut the Clutter


Clutter in your workshop will hinder daily movement and even lead to accidents. Good housekeeping is essential to maintain an organised and safe working environment.



   9. Avoid Overtime


Welding is a physically strenuous job. Overworking your employees will cause a drop in productivity, which will impact the quality of workmanship. Welding and fabrication isn’t a field where workers can afford to take too many breaks. But that being said, your workers are humans with physical limitations. So give them time to rest to restore productivity.



  10. Upgrade Equipment


Using outdated equipment makes a job longer than it needs to be. Not to mention, it puts unnecessary strain on the workers. Upgrade welding equipment to increase worker efficiency and prevent injuries.


Final Words

Workplace safety isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Rather than waiting for a tragedy to strike, take proactive measures to make sure your workers are safe and healthy.


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