In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that the interior design industry is growing at a rate of 4% every year.

Considering how many people love to redecorate their homes each year, that's no surprise. 

If you're like many homeowners across the country, you're looking to freshen up your space with some new design ideas. Look no further than the white-on-white trend that's popping up everywhere these days. 

We're bringing you this guide to the top 10 tips for a white-on-white wonderland. 

Want to know which shades of white work best with your style? Are you wondering if your cottage-themed interior will fit in with a white-on-white living room?

Keep reading for the answer to these questions and many more!

  1. White-On-White Wall and Floor Colors

So, you may be thinking: white walls and floors will make your room look like a hospital.

You don't want that!

Think again, though, because white-on-white wall and floor colors can serve as the perfect blank canvas for your interior design. 

Avoiding sterility is all about choosing the right white. Choose colors with yellow tones for a warmer aesthetic. Conversely, go for an icy white with blue undertones if you want a crisp and clean look. 

  1. White Upholstery with White Rugs

Nothing says put-together more than a white couch in the living room.

Except, perhaps, white furniture paired with a matching white rug. 

Maybe you prefer a luxe design with white shag rugs and cream cashmere upholstery. Or perhaps your style fits more with white cottage living room furniture paired with a simple cotton runner. 

Whatever your interior design style is, white upholstery with white rugs is always a beautiful and unique choice. 

  1. Tone-On-Tone Whites for the Bedroom

You want your bedroom to be a calm and relaxing haven for unwinding after a long day at work or at home.

To keep an all-white bedroom from looking too stark, choose different shades of white.

For example, you could use our white-on-white wall and floor colors tip above. Then, add cream or ivory curtains, bedding, and furniture for a soothing tonal look.

  1. White Garden Rooms

Are your plants as much of a staple in your home as your furniture?

There's no better combination than white and spring green.

That's why so many homeowners love creating all-white rooms to serve as a backdrop for their indoor garden. 

  1. White-On-White Kitchens

Everyone loves white cabinetry for the kitchen.

Yet, the white often ends there. Liven up your cooking space with the addition of white tiling on the floors, a white backsplash, white paint on the walls, or a combination of these!

You'll love how well white goes with your stainless steel appliances in your modern kitchen. Traditional designs look great with white, too, especially if it has a hint of yellow.

If your kitchen is in need of a facelift, a can of white paint can help.

White paint seems to mask even the worst blemishes in an older kitchen. So, don't be afraid to slap some on the walls and even on those old wooden cabinets for a cheap and quick redesign. 

  1. A White Backdrop for Your Seasonal Vignettes

Table, wall, and buffet vignettes are all the rage right now.

The best seasonal vignettes are those that can be easily switched out when the weather changes.

What better way to do so than with a white backdrop?

  1. Paint Small Spaces White

Have a small space in your house that you want to open up?

Darker colors tend to absorb the light, making the room appear smaller and drearier. 

Brighten up your small space with white on the walls, which will reflect light from your windows or fixtures. 

Sprinkle in a few extra white furnishings for an open space that will truly wow your guests!

  1. White on Wood

If you really want to cozy up your space, adding white with wood finishes is a tried-and-true way to do it.

Wood adds texture and a bit of natural color. 

Plus, it's another way to bring the outdoors into your white on white space without looking too much like a cabin in the woods. 

  1. All-White With Pops of Color

Have a vibrant piece of art or color-blocked heritage quilt you want to show off?

There's no better backdrop for a bright and color-rich focal point than an all-white room. 

Don't get us wrong: we think you can create a beautiful space with white alone. But if you're a color addict, we understand why you'd disagree.

In that case, liven up your white on white space with a real statement piece. This can be a collection of jewel-toned pillows or a wall display of your favorite pastel plates. 

As long as you make sure you're echoing the undertones of the whites you choose, pops of color can be the perfect splash of paint on your blank canvas. 

  1. White-On-White Bathrooms

There's no denying that white-on-white looks clean, which is why it's a great color combination for the kitchen.

But don't forget about using white in your bathroom!

If you're like most homeowners, you probably already have white fixtures anyway. What better way to incorporate those fixtures into your home design than with more white? 

Choose white tiling for the shower and the floor. Or add a few fluffy white tiles for a spa-like all-white experience. 

White Is the New Black

The final word is in, and white-on-white designs aren't just for hospitals anymore.

So, what are you waiting for? Use one of these incredible all-white ideas in your next big decorating project!

Keep scrolling for more like this.

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