When I was moving I wish I had lables on things now all , im doing is  always looking for something to put his name on all his personal things. Usually we use a permanent marker and write out his name.

When I was contacted by Epson LabelWorks Iron-on Kit I was more than excited. now I can iron all of my husbands things knowing that they will be comming home again. because he has lost so many things and misplaced them


Honestly i could not wait for it to get here, I was so excited the say it came . I starting playing with it right away . making labels for all . And it was so easy to use and do. I put the label on the shirt, put my warm iron on the label for a few seconds, lifted the iron, and did it again. You have to add a little pressure to the iron to get the label to stick.

Here is what is included in the Epson LabelWorks Iron On Kit:
LW-300 Label Printer
Two (2) ~½” (12 mm) Iron-on tape cartridges
Application User’s Guide
Carrying Case

Uses 6 triple A batteries

When designing your ribbon, you can choose from one of the 300+ symbols, 14 fonts or 10 font styles to personalize your design. You can customize your ribbons by creating special effects, such as vertical and mirrored text. You can adjust the font width, spacing and print density. You can also create longer ribbon with a repeated pattern. What’s really cool is that you can also save your ribbon designs for later use

What can you ask for a simple label maker that's light weight and portable.

Eo connect more with the company you can do so here.

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