Halloween is already just a few weeks away! It's that time of year when orange is the most popular color, everything is pumpkin flavored, and shows take on a Halloween theme for an episode or special holiday DVD. Just in time for the Halloween holiday, The Wiggles released a DVD called The Wiggles: Wiggly Halloween

Start dancing with your trick-or-treaters and The Wiggles in Wiggly Halloween and Pocoyo Boo DVDs! These films by NCircle Entertainment have kids everywhere gearing up for the holiday right around the corner. Wiggly Halloween is 60 minutes of fun, singing, and dancing to songs including “Pumpkin Face,” “Mumbles the Monster,” “Trick or Treat,” and more!

We love this time of year we can just have a great time decorating and givining out our candy, we are going to dress the puppys in little costumes so we can take them out side , they are too cute .

Halloween use to be one of the best holidays for us growing up, not only the getting all decked out in a costume. Our daddy would take us trick or treating for hours and hours. And come home and he would check all of our candy. Watching all kinds if Halloween movies makes me thing of those days.

Now being able to watch this and so many more with this and so many more we can make some good memory's with our nieces and nephews.

Anthony, Emma, Lacky, & Simon come together in this special holiday treat to really give your tots a screaming good time! A Friendly Little Spider and Do the Skeleton Scat encourages interactive play while my kids enjoy dancing to the tunes. NCircle Entertainment has really made this a special episode for my children who are gearing up for Halloween

This movie features 20 songs from The Wiggles that will have your kids singing and dancing all throughout the movie. You can purchase this fun and festive themed DVD on Amazon, where you will also notice that it has excellent customer reviews from other happy parents that purchased it for their children and grandchildren.

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