The roof is among the most expensive parts of the home yet, unfortunately, the most neglected. Depending on the material, it can last somewhere between 25 years and above, yet can fail or get damaged prematurely. Ice dams, high winds, falling debris are some problems which can call for a roof repair or a roof replacement.


List of Common Roof Problems

When it comes to roof problems, the list can go on and on, but the common ones which every homeowner should watch for are as follows,

  1. Poor or Faulty Installation-The poor or incorrect installation of a roof can increase the chances of problems dramatically and thereby reduce the life expectancy of the roof system. Here the guidance of an expert is required to tell you whether the installation is accurate or not. Poor and faulty installation falls under the human error category. When the roof s incorrectly installed from the beginning, this will increase the probability of a common roofing issue. The common problems involved in the process of installation include flashing that is poorly installed. Flashing is the material used for sealing around pipes and vents or poor drainage either in the HVAC areas or the gutters that ultimately results in a pool of standing water. Poorly installed flashing can result in the blowing off of the roof material during high-wind situations that can immediately multiply the headaches related to roof maintenance into the list of problems.


  1. Leaks and Moisture-Debris, snow, ice, rain, hail and wind all these can cause moisture getting below the roof's layers and resulting in many issues right from rot, mold, and leaks.


  1. Critters-Insects, birds and small animals can result in damage. Evicting the same before they get a foothold will be best.


  1. Improperly Installed Flashing-Flashing is that which seals the parts where the roof gets penetrated such as the cooling and heating systems, chimneys, and vent pipes. When the flashing is attached poorly, this can result in laps and open seams and finally makes the tiles to blow-off. Improper installation can cut down puncture resistance in the roof.


  1. Punctures and Penetrations-Hail and wind damage can puncture the roof. The flashing as well as sealant around penetrations like HVAC and vents for the household appliances that are added post completion of the roofing should be checked on a regular basis. Puncture damage resulting from wind or torrential storm is one of the most common issues. The sealant/flashing surrounding the HVAC units, pipes and vents are particularly susceptible to hail and wind damage thereby demanding to monitor on a consistent basis if for your area wind is common.


  1. Ponding Water-The water which stands or ponds on the roof is another sure indication of a problem. The common causes include improper drainage of gutters and HVAC units and build-up of debris. This problem mostly happens because of neglect yet if the gutters are not cleared and cleaned regularly water will accumulate in the worst part that is the rooftop. It will result in moisture damage and leaks or even wood rot.


  1. Ventilation– Attic and roof ventilation is a vital component to make the roof last. This takes place naturally as the vents get placed under the roof base that is in the soffits or at the eaves and next to the rooftop/ridge. This will allow the warm air in leaving through the top while cool air will come through the bottom. Because the warm air rises naturally, there will be no need for any mechanical process for making this air movement. Proper and sufficient ventilation will help in regulating the level of moisture and temperature in the attic. When left unchecked, it can build up heat and humidity resulting in damage to insulation, shingles, sheathing, rafters and boost up the cost of energy. Any of these can result in ugly mildew and mold problems.


  1. Shrinkage and Blistering-Shrinkage results when the membrane in the roof shrinks causing crazing or cracks in the top layer. Splitting, blistering, surface erosion, and ridging of shingles can result in bigger problems eventually. It is an unfortunate truth yet materials over time tend to contract which can cause problems. The material present under the tiles or shingles of the roof (roof membrane) is precisely where this will take place. A common cause of shrinkage is aging, but moisture or roofs not installed improperly can also result in shrinkage. It will result in crazing or cracking causing more severe fissures. If there is a minor blister, it will not be an immediate concern apart from close monitoring yet what needs quick attention is major blistering.


  1. Trees-The tree limbs that overhang can abrade the shingles' surface, rub on the roof and wear away the top defensive layer. The branch can fall over the roof resulting in more severe damage. The tree limbs need to be trimmed regularly away from the home roof the more, the better. If the tree is adjacent enough for posing a threat to the home, then you must remove it.


  1. Lack of Maintenance-When homeowners do not maintain the roof properly it can turn into the roof's worst enemy. Most issues begin as a minor like clearing backed up gutters or removing the overhanging tree limbs. These problems when not corrected on time it can cause serious damage. Inspection and maintenance on a routine basis can extend the roof’s life which can save enough money.


  1. Walking Frequently on the Roof-People may not do it now and then but if people frequently walk on the roof while installing holiday decorations or doing HVAC repairs or use the roof for different recreational activities like stargazing it can cause damage to the roof eventually. In case of shingles that are cracked or broken here and there will result in significant damage ultimately. Apart from damaging shingles, this can wear away the roof top's integrity slowly which safeguards it. The smart homeowners and contractors will install on the roof a walkway which is a path comprising of double-layered roofing supplies and materials which will offer extra protection particularly in the areas/parts where people walk frequently. To know more about quality roofing supplies and materials, visit

Why Consult a Professional?

The 11 problems mentioned above are merely a sample of issues which roofs can have. Experts in this field understand such problems and can help one in the best possible way. Take a look at the different methods that a roofing specialist undertakes,

  • Inspection-This is an extremely critical step and something the expert will never rush. They will carry out a thorough investigation concerning each square inch both of the attic and the roof. They will provide a detailed report which will throw light on the roof and attic's actual condition and help one move on with an accurate strategy.


  • Good Experience-Having good industry experience and tackling with the common roofing problems for years they can handle every task easily. They are equipped with accurate resources and tools for doing a roofing project a thorough and efficient success be it major or minor.


  • Inspection and Repair-When you join hands with a professional roofing contractor especially one that is certified you are sure to enjoy quality inspection as well as repair. When a company is certified and licensed, it means it will show deep commitment and a stellar reputation. Most importantly they will remain up to date with the most recent roofing techniques and technology.


  • Peace of Mind-The moment when one hires a roofing specialist the different common issues which plague a roof indeed will not be any cause of worry. One can enjoy peace of mind knowing that an elite roofing expert is working hard in putting the roof in the finest condition that has ever been in as well as working hard for ensuring this stays that way.

Regardless of how small or big the roofing damage may be experts have the expertise and solutions for fixing the issue effectively and quickly. They will offer roofing repair services that are reliable for any common roofing issues which may take a toll on the room's integrity. Are you facing a roofing problem? Roofing problems at times are obvious such as when the shingles get blown off because of a storm, or the gutter gets crushed through a ladder. There may be other times when a closer look may be needed for identifying the problem which deserves attention.

Most problems can be detected easily while on the other hand, some problems demand an expert eye. There is good news for all. No matter the problem is a major or a minor one it can be detected as well as corrected by employing the services of a full service, experienced and skilled contractor. Be it major structural damage, damaged shingles or a leaky roof; get in touch with a professional roofing expert. Be assured this decision will not leave you in a state of regret.

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