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Recently I was given the Wojo Wallet and asked if I could do a review of this new version of a wallet. Before I tell you my opinion about the wallet let me first let me give you some background information that you may be interested in. The Wojo Wallet is based in Dallas, Texas and this product was first introduced in June of 2012 by Teri Thomas and Robert W. Bass. As stated on the “About Us” section of their website, it says that they wanted to “…manufacture and retail unique, lifestyle-enhancing products beginning with the Wojo wallet.”
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A very simple looking  wallet and it has a very smooth texture to it. There is also a band around it with the logo in it as it servers the purpose to keep your cards tight and also the ability for you place a few dollars in it when you’re on the go and in a hurry. Another great feature about this wallet is that if you happen to drop it into a lake or a river, it even floats! That way, it is easy to recover and you won’t have to search the bottom of the lake to find your credit cards and/or cash.

If you are like my husband you carry a big bulky wallet. With the wojo wallet you can fit it in your front pocket or in your suit pocket. I like the slim, sleek look. I definitely would recommend this wallet. It comes in different colors. For more information click here.

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