Trying to talk either your parents, or your significant other, into buying a dog, can be a tedious task. Especially if you’re trying to convince someone who either knows very little about dogs, or couldn’t care less.

But there is a reason why dogs are called ‘a man’s best friend’ – they are grateful, happy, they improve on a person’s health (both mental, and physical), and are a great protector, especially of the young.

Below you will find 13 cool facts about dogs you can use in an argument when trying to convince your friends and family to get a dog:

  1. The Newfoundland dog was bred in order to help fishermen haul nets, and help rescue people who were in risk of drowning. That’s why it has a water resistant coat, and webbed feet. One of the most famous Newfoundland dogs is Bilbo, who is credited with saving three lives. Hairy Man helped Ann Harvey rescue 163 people after a shipwreck.
  2. Normal, adult dogs, have 42 teeth, while puppies only have 28.
  3. There are various reasons why dogs decide to chase their tails, and none of them is to entertain you. They’re either anxious, curious, or have fleas. If you keep your dog locked inside the house out of fear that it might run away, try getting an invisible wireless dog fence. You can start by reading this Petsafe Stay and Play review.
  4. Dalmatians, actually grow their spots with age. They’re born completely white. They have been made popular through One Hundred and One Dalmatians, a classic Disney animated movie about the dogs.
  5. Dogs dream, too! They have the same sleeping patterns, as well as the REM – Rapid Eye Movement, which means they can dream. We don’t know what they’re dreaming about, but it’s probably about running, chasing cats and playing fetch with their owner.
  6. Dogs can see in the dark, through a membrane called the tapetumlucidum. Other animals, including cats, have this membrane, as well, and it is one of the main reasons why animals’ eyes glow in the dark, and why it’s hard to get a photo without their eyes shining.
  7. A dog’s heartbeat, when resting, is the same as a human’s – between 60 and 100 times a minute.
  8. Dogs only sweat through the pads of their feet, and not through their tongues, as the urban legend suggests.
  9. Almost two thirds (62 percent) of US households own a pet. That’s more than 72 million pets!
  10. Almost half (45 percent) of dogs sleep with their owners, in their beds.
  11. Dogs have 3.5-times more taste buds than cats (1,700 compared to 473). No wonder they are always under the table during dinner, with their puppy eyes and floppy ears.
  12. Dogs aren’t completely colorblind, as another urban myth suggests. In truth, they see in shades of blue, yellow and gray.
  13. Dog’s noses are wet because it helps them absorb scent, and they can lick the nose to sample the scent.


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