Digital nomads worldwide grew by 140 percent from 2005 to 2020. With the pandemic not showing signs of abating, industry experts say the trend will only continue to grow. Add to this the growing number of companies giving their employees to work remotely. You can see an explosion of the digital nomad’s way of life.

Is this for you? Here are 13 reasons why being a digital nomad is great and why you should consider being one.

  1. Freedom Like You’ve Never Known Before 

You think you have freedom in the office. You have bosses constantly egging you to finish your report earlier than planned and boisterous colleagues disrupting your focus. 

Sure, you have modern conveniences. But, are you really free? 

Digital nomads enjoy genuine freedom. They get to do what they want in life without neglecting their professional responsibilities. You can be working today on a project and be on a yacht in the Mediterranean tomorrow. That is freedom.

  1. Greater Productivity

The digital nomad’s way of life extends beyond the four walls of an office. Sure, you do not have machines to simplify your work. You do have your innate abilities to whip up the best solution for every problem. 

In case you need resources for improving your nomadic productivity, there are always digital nomad organizations to help you.

According to Charles from Cuppabean, productivity is greater among digital nomads because they can find inspiration and motivation in their experiences. 

  1. More Breakthrough Ideas

Creativity does not come from a box. You will need a spark to establish connections in your brain cells and make them work together.

Experiencing many wonderful things can provide the brain with the much-needed stimulation for establishing more efficient neural connections. 

When you add the fresh air you breathe, you improve your brain’s oxygenation and further enhance your creativity.

  1. Endless Opportunities

You may be working for a client now. It does not mean he is your only source of income. 

When you incorporate travel into your digital nomadic lifestyle, you get to meet other people. You might even meet the person who might give you your biggest break.

The experiences you get as a digital nomad also open other doors. You can find inspiration in a tradition, give it a twist, and turn it into something new.

  1. Promotes Adaptability

Working in the office exposes you to the same routine day in and day out. When you make the world your office, you get to face different situations every day.

You get to adapt to these situations as they come. It gives you another skill to depend on when life throws you off your tracks.


  1. More Time for Things You are Passionate About

The enhanced creativity and increased productivity of digital nomads allow them to enjoy more of what life can offer. You can be finishing a project today and be on your way to the Caribbean tomorrow for several days of fun.

Enjoying the things you are passionate about is easier if you are a digital nomad. It can also be another source of motivation for you.


  1. Make Friends for Life

No one is saying you cannot have friends in the office. The experiences you share with people from different places can create a bond stronger than any you can make in an office setting.

These people can become your lifelong friends, welcoming you and your future family to their homes when you’ve finally decided to retire.

  1. Financially Rewarding

Can you make money working in a remote location while having the best days of your life? Yes, you can.

More than 15 percent of American digital nomads earn at least $75,000 annually. It is more than twice the annual earnings of workers in the service sector and about the same level as those in management and professions.

There are also no mortgages to pay and other expenses to worry about. 

  1. Immerse in Different Cultures

Reading culture from the pages of a book is different from living it. You get to appreciate their food, local traditions, and rituals that may look alien to you.

It is through cultural immersion that you get to understand the beauty of the world and its people. Your understanding of social relationships will increase, strengthening your relationships with your significant others. You might even find something to include in your digital nomad bag of tricks.

  1. More Relaxing for the Mind

Imagine working on a project while sitting by the lake with a magnificent snow-capped peak in the background. You have birds singing melodies better than what your favorite artist can deliver. 

Every breath fills your lungs with fresh air, complete with the faint scent of flowers blooming at your feet. If this scene does not relax and calm your mind, no other scenery will.

  1. Enhances Your Organization Skills

Becoming a digital nomad entails exceptional organizational skills. It would be best if you used your time efficiently so that you will enjoy many of life’s pleasures. 

You will also need to think about organizing your stuff, including laptops, peripherals, accessories, and internet devices. 

Your organizational skills can go a long way in life. No matter what future obstacle you will face, you know that you are more than capable of handling it.

  1. Minimalist Lifestyle

Digital nomads are famous for their minimalist lifestyle, according to Guitar Junky. They prefer functionality over form, purpose over design. As long as they can efficiently perform their activities, they won’t mind not having the biggest and most extravagant items in life.

A minimalist lifestyle reduces stress while also promoting a calmer and clearer mind. It is also easy to achieve satisfaction because you have only basic requirements to be happy.

  1. Enhances Overall Quality of Life 

The freedom to enjoy what you are passionate about and the stress-free lifestyle offered only by a digital nomad lifestyle can improve your quality of life.

You will be happier, feeling more content with your life. This happiness also translates to a healthier heart, stronger immune system, and a more productive mind.

Digital nomads have different reasons for getting into this work-lifestyle combo. These 13 reasons why being a digital nomad is great are only the iceberg’s tip. Regardless of the reason, you can always expect people to appreciate the freedom associated with this kind of work arrangement. 

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