bottlebox   Steri bottle is  ready to  use,  disposable  and  recyclable for  babies.  The  box  contains  2-9oz  bottles  and  nipples  with  lids.  These  bottles  are sterilized, free from BPA and phthalates. The nipple is an anti colic valve. These bottles are a time saver. When you are out and about or just the last bottle of the day. Open a bottle up put the milk in the bottle and it's ready. bottle2 When you are finished the bottle is 100 percent recyclable. You can forget the hassle of washing and sterilizing. Just fill, feed and recycle. Steri bottle is the first ready to use bottle to come with a wide, steri soft textured nipple. And a steri bottle. Every feed is fresh and clean. Steri bottle is definitely a way to make it easier for feeding time while on the go. I would definitely recommend these steri bottles. For more information click here. inthebox

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