Gatorama Celebrates a 60th Anniversary
(Hendry County – Summer 2017) Come August and September, Gatorama comes alive with the sounds of chirping, grunting and snapping as baby alligators emerge from their shells to meet the world! For the next few weeks, Gatorama will welcome more than four thousand alligators. Visitors will witness a once in a lifetime experience and watch as baby alligators break free of their eggs. Hatching time is an excellent teaching moment for parents to educate their children about one of nature’s most cherished moments.
Come celebrate this miraculous moment, and more as Gatorama hosts its 13th annual “Alligator Hatching Festival” from August 19 – September 4, 2017 at their animal park at 6180 U.S. Highway 27, Palmdale, Florida. Travelers will learn about the history of the American alligator and how the populations have been protected through one of the most truly successful, sustainable-use management programs ever implemented. American alligators have been off the endangered species list since 1987 and populations are still growing. Alligator farming is an important part of the program.
Onsite adventures at Gatorama are plentiful. Children love Uncle Waders Pond, a place to catch and release juvenile gators. Gator bare backin’ is a supervised hands-on experience where children jump on a 7- 8-foot gator – get your camera’s ready. The big gator fossil dig, gator feeding, and fishing are also fun activities. A few additional experiences while at the farm:
  • Wildlife Encounters are self-guided tours that offer opportunities to explore the park and view alligators, crocodiles, peacocks, Burmese pythons, tortoise and bobcats.
  • Big Gator Feed Show observe Florida alligators in their nature habitat from the distance of a boardwalk that runs through the middle of the park. After the show guests are invited to the Crackin Barn and can take turns holding a juvenile gator.
  • The Goliath Show provides guests with an opportunity to observe one of the most aggressive alligators on the farm. Only two zookeepers are on staff to work with Goliath so viewing this show is a rare treat.
  • Join zookeepers and explore The Old Gator Hole. Located in marshes throughout the Everglades, alligators form holes using their feet and snouts to clear muck from the holes. As waters in the marshes recede the holes retain water and attract a variety of prey.
Gatorama opened in 1957 as one of Florida’s first alligator attractions. It is still a popular tourist attraction as well as an operating alligator farm. Our staff works tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of conservation and preservation while offering guests access to some of South Florida's famous inhabitants. For more information, prices and directions visit or For more information call 863-983-7979 or visit and follow us on Instagram.
Hendry County is the only region in Florida that spans both Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades, two prominent and well-known natural Florida attractions. The area offers a rich history starting with the Calusa, Seminole, and Miccosukee Indians through to colonial times. The County is an adventure paradise offering an array of natural attractions including; birding and wildlife trails, Sugarland Tours, the Big Cypress Seminole Reservation, and some of the best fishing in the U.S. Looking for exciting soft adventures? The County offers unusual opportunities to see incredible wildlife, even a bobcat or the endangered Florida panther. Located between Fort Myers and Palm Beach, Florida; Hendry County is an accessible destination for Floridians and visitors alike. It connects easily to both coasts, including stopping points for travelers on I-75 from Miami to the middle, Florida.

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