15 Bad Habits That People Who Drive Need to Quit

Driving is a privilege that we have been given, so why do many of us abuse our right to drive? From drink driving to driving tired, there are many things that drivers do which we shouldn’t be doing. We’ve compiled a list of the worst bad habits drivers have that they need to quit. Some of these are illegal, yet many drivers continue to do them. If you were to be assessed by a driving instructor against the way you drive alone, would you pass your driving test today? Have you found yourself doing any of these on this list?



  1. Crossing arms when steering

First on the list today is crossing your arms over when you’re steering. While this might be your natural reaction when turning a sharp corner, it also puts you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road in danger because of how much longer it would take you to get your maneuvering arm back to the stick shift, or any other controls you might need to reach. Remember to shuffle when steering to decrease any chances of an accident when you’re driving.


  1. Picking nose

Did you know that 66% of Americans pick their nose while they’re driving? It’s not nice for people to see, it’s removing your hand from driving the car as safe as you can, and it’s also a really horrible habit. Not to mention the fact that it increases the chance of you catching some sort of respiratory infection. So please, leave picking your nose for the comfort of your own home if you must do it.


  1. Tailgating

Another really bad habit that many drivers do, is to tailgate the person in front of them. This is sometimes is due to impatience and the inability to overtake, or sometimes it’s because they’ve got a much newer and faster car like a Subaru WRX and want to show off how much quicker and more powerful their car is compared to everyone else. Tailgating is dangerous because you will end up crashing into the back of someone if they need to make an emergency stop.


  1. Improper use of indicators

Your indicators are there for a reason; to let other drivers and pedestrians know where you’re planning on moving your car. So why do many people still fail to use their indicators? By failing to use proper signals for other drivers, you could cause an accident with other cars or confuse a pedestrian into thinking it’s safe for them to cross the road. Make sure you use your indicators!



  1. Dangerous overtaking

Overtaking is generally permitted on dual carriageways and motorways, but many drivers choose to overtake on small roads within their town which puts them and many other people in danger. Overtaking is dangerous with oncoming traffic because you can’t estimate how fast they are moving; therefore putting yourself in danger of a really nasty crash. Instead of trying to overtake, stay behind that person and keep your life and your car intact.


  1. One hand on the wheel

When you’re driving it’s understandable that you need to remove one of your hands to control other things to do with the car like the handbrake or the stick shift. However, many people put themselves and others in danger by driving with one hand (sometimes no hands) on the wheel. This is dangerous because of the time it would take you to get your hands back into position if you were to have to suddenly turn to avoid something, or you found the car veering to one side. Keep both hands on the wheel whenever possible.


  1. Not filling their car with fuel properly

This bad habit tends to form in younger drivers because of how little money they have, but redlining your fuel tank is certainly not good for your car. While it probably won’t affect your driving skills, you’re damaging your car. The cooling system relies on fuel as many other components of your car do too, so make sure that there is a sufficient amount of fuel in your tank at all times.



  1. Ignoring servicing

There are lights on your dashboard for a reason; to alert you when something isn’t working properly on your car. Yet, many people fail to take action on these lights and end up landed with a massive bill a few months down the line. Having these problems sorted out earlier is likely to cost you less, and it will certainly save you having to dig deep into your pockets.


  1. Over revving the engine when the weather is colder

When the colder weather comes around it’s a good idea to let your car run for a few minutes when you start it up so that the oil and other parts of your car can warm up ready for driving. Try and refrain from over revving your car which can damage parts of your car that haven’t been lubricated by oil yet. Let your car warm up before revving too hard to avoid any damage.


  1. Having headphones on

As if having a radio or a large sound system can be distracting enough, wearing headphones is even worse when you’re in the driver’s seat. This is because you’re unable to hear warning sounds like sirens and other car horns. Horns are installed purely for the use of warning another driver of danger and not road rage like many people use it for. Make sure you’re able to hear everything around you on the road.


  1. Not wearing a seatbelt

We all know the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt, yet 15% of people admit to not wearing one. You can never predict when you’re going to be in an accident, and you could end up face first through your windscreen. Wear a seatbelt to save your life, and make sure you encourage other passengers to do the same as well, especially as in some countries the driver can be fined if passengers are found to not be wearing one.


  1. Speeding

Another bad habit that we all know is super dangerous. It’s too easy to go too fast on the roads, especially if they are quieter than usual and you’re running late. The faster you’re going, the longer it will take you to slow down. Your reaction times will also be lengthened too, so next time you’re late, let yourself be late and save your own life. Speeding is not worth risking your life for and while it might feel good at the time, it certainly wouldn’t if you were to crash.


  1. Using mobile phones while driving

Why are people still taking the risk in this day and age by using their mobile phones while they’re driving? Even if your car is stationary in traffic you should leave your phone alone to prevent any chance of an accident. If caught by the police you could suffer other consequences like points on your license and a hefty fine. Leave the phone be until you’re no longer driving, as nothing is as important as keeping yourself alive. If you’re expecting an important call, pull over when it’s safe and then use your mobile phone.


  1. Throwing trash out of the car

People these days have taken to lobbing their trash out of their windows to save them accidentally leaving it in their car. Did you know that some accidents are caused by distracted drivers who are looking at a piece of flying trash the car in front has just discarded of? Not only that, if the item is rather heavy you could damage other cars. If it’s a cigarette, the lit end could blow into someone or even worse, catch onto some fuel. Keep trash in your car and clear it when you’ve stopped.


  1. Not giving right of way

Even though every driver has passed their test and done all of the necessary training (we hope), many people still fail to adhere to the rules of the road and think that they own the road. Right of way was put in place for those situations where it’s impossible to tell which car should move first. However, people who ignore this rule are putting trust in other drivers and also putting everyone in danger. Stick to the right of way rule and you will be fine!

The Final Word

So there we have it, fifteen of the worst habits driver do that need to quit immediately. While all of them might not be life endangering, they will damage your car and leave you with the inability to drive while your car is in for repair or while you’re saving to buy a new one. Stick to the rules of the road and you will lessen any chances of accidents you will get yourself into. Remember, don’t trust anyone else on the road but yourself, and always be cautious.