The scent of freshly made espresso or coffee can make your mouth water and your eyes flutter open. Many morning rituals begin with the sound of coffee grinders whirring, and beverage machines percolating.

But while you may be familiar with a few of the benefits of espresso, there's still quite a lot more to learn. Prepare to be enlightened as you explore the many advantageous aspects of daily espresso consumption.

  1. More Energy

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of drinking espresso is its ability to boost energy levels. That's because the typical serving of espresso (one ounce) contains about 60 milligrams of caffeine. 

400 milligrams of caffeine per day is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended maximum. You'd have to drink about six and a half cups of espresso to reach this limit.

This means that you might be able to safely enjoy several cups of delicious espresso throughout the day. Besides, drinking espresso may help you avoid developing diabetes.

  1. Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Somewhat surprisingly, espresso consumption has been linked with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes (once called adult-onset diabetes) tends to affect individuals (adults and children alike) with sedentary lifestyles.

Those who are overweight or obese are also more likely to develop this type of diabetes. Unfortunately, nearly 40% of all US adults are overweight. Consequently, type 2 diabetes is relatively common.

Adding espresso to your morning may help you reduce your risk of developing this type of diabetes. That's because espresso contains a fair amount of caffeine. And caffeine reacts with your body in a way that makes it more sensitive to insulin.

In this way, espresso could make it easier for your body to maintain blood sugar levels. For those who are prediabetic, this might be enough to help keep levels steadily low enough to avoid the condition.

  1. Decreased Gout Risk

Gout is a form of arthritis that typically occurs in the feet and toes. It can be particularly painful and debilitating and could make it nearly impossible to comfortably walk, run, or perform basic exercises.

The chlorogenic acid in espresso and coffee beverages may help reduce your risk of developing gout. While more research is required to confirm this theory, there is a substantial amount of evidence to support the idea of espresso's anti-gout qualities.

Somewhat counterintuitively, excessive caffeine intake may trigger gout attacks. That's one reason why it's crucial to always enjoy an espresso (and other caffeinated beverages) in moderation.

  1. Reduced Cancer Risk

Coffee seems to constantly befuddle scientific and medical communities around the world. On one hand, some of the natural chemicals in brewed coffee can be somewhat worrisome (such as acrylamide).

On the other, caffeine exhibits such a long list of benefits. But at least one thing is true: Espresso is rich in antioxidants. And antioxidants may help to reduce your risk of developing certain cancers. This includes prostate and colorectal cancers

  1. Improved Long-Term Memory

Preventing dementia and improving long-term memory may be as simple as adding espresso to your diet. Caffeine has a litany of potential benefits (and side effects), including an improved ability to recall past events. 

Consuming 200 milligrams of caffeine per day (or approximately three or four espresso drinks) could help enjoy better long-term memory. Naturally, getting plenty of rest each night and exercising can also boost your memory.

Though research is still ongoing, there is some evidence that caffeine may also help prevent the onset of dementia.

  1. Reduced Feelings of Hunger

Losing weight often means changing your eating habits. Many people eat over-large portions multiple times throughout the day. Consuming foods that have plenty of fiber can help decrease feelings of hunger and help keep you feeling full.

Though espresso won't provide as much dietary fiber as leafy greens or whole grains, it can help you get a tiny boost of fiber that leaves you feeling satisfied. Starting your day with espresso may help you to avoid mid-morning hunger pangs.

  1. Increased Athletic Performance

If you're looking to make some athletic gains, you may want to add a little cooled espresso to your protein shake. Drinking a lot of fluids directly before exercise can result in nausea, vomiting, and digestive discomfort.

But a one-ounce espresso is just light enough to let you reap all of its potential athletic benefits. Caffeine consumption has been linked to increased athletic performance and endurance, thereby helping you to achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Better Digestion

By incorporating espresso into your day-to-day routine, you may experience better digestion. Naturally, you'll want to restrict your intake to less than four cups per day to avoid stomach upset, but a moderate amount can be beneficial for your gut.

Still, old bits of shredded coffee beans can dampen the taste and quality of your espresso. But the right coffee grinder brush can help you ensure that your grinder is in tip-top condition, every day.

  1. Greater Ability to Focus

In addition to providing you with a boost of energy, espresso could help you focus more clearly. This is all thanks to caffeine. This chemical can be toxic in massive doses. But it can be a positive psychoactive substance when used in moderation.

It's no surprise that many people enjoy a cup of espresso before heading off to work. Not only is it a great way to wake up your body and mind, but it could also help you focus more easily, resulting in higher-quality work.

  1. Reduced Risk of Stroke

Drinking a few cups of coffee or espresso may help you reduce your risk of stroke. However, the exact mechanisms behind this effect aren't yet known.

But new research (conducted in-part via artificial intelligence software) shows a direct correlation between coffee consumption and improved cardiovascular health.

Espresso has a higher oil and mineral content than coffee, making it potentially more potent and effective as a stroke preventative.

  1. Improved Weight Loss

Espresso and coffee are both sources of fiber, something which is known to help you feel fuller for longer. Consequently, adding espresso to your morning routine may help you shed weight more quickly.

This dark beverage may also help to jumpstart your metabolism, allowing you to burn fat more effectively. As such, a breakfast with espresso could be an excellent way to ensure your energy levels remain consistently high throughout the day.

  1. Healthier Liver Function

Drinking espresso regularly may help improve your liver function. The scientific and medical communities are still working to figure out all of the components of brewed coffee, but while they compile a database of information, studies provide answers.

One study shows that caffeine digestion results in a chemical called paraxanthine. This chemical may help combat several liver diseases, including liver cancer and fatty liver disease.

  1. Better Mood

Did you know that espresso could help you enjoy a better mood? While caffeine can contribute to feelings of anxiety or stress when consumed in large quantities, moderate or small portions may have an opposite effect.

Women, in particular, may benefit from espresso's mood-altering effects. One study found that women who drank more than one cup of coffee per week were less likely to suffer from depression than those that drank one cup or less.

  1. Stronger Immune System

Coffee beans are an excellent source of antioxidants. These help to fight free radicals and oxidative stress, both of which can lead to unpleasant physical conditions.

Consequently, drinking a cute cup of espresso may help you avoid some types of cancer and experience a generally stronger immune system. It's a challenge to think of a more delicious and energizing way to enjoy the positive effects of antioxidants.

  1. Increased Longevity

Consider all of the benefits we've already addressed. Now combine them all into a long-term espresso-drinking plan. This plan, as strange as it may sound, could lead to a longer and healthier life.

In general, those who enjoy at least one cup of coffee (or espresso) each day also tend to live longer than those that don't drink coffee at all. If you're looking to naturally extend your lifespan, you may want to add espresso to your routine.

Enjoy the Benefits of Espresso

Espresso has several benefits. Some of the benefits of espresso include more energy, better focus, a stronger immune system, and reduced risk of several conditions.

Enjoying a morning cup of espresso could help you avoid several types of cancer and keep your liver in excellent condition. Overall, espresso may even help you enjoy a longer, fitter life!

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