Just because you’re a grown up (are we really grown up, or does society say we are? You decide), doesn’t mean you don’t want to have all the fun when it’s time to celebrate your birthday, or even another special occasion. Whether it’s your birthday, an anniversary, a promotion, or something else you want to celebrate, sometimes, a meal with your loved ones just doesn’t cut it. If you want to do something fun and unique for your next birthday or special occasion, check out the following 15 totally unique celebration ideas for adults!


  1. Host A Real Life Murder Mystery Party

Hosting a real-life murder mystery party could be an awesome way to celebrate your birthday or a loved one's birthday next. A real-life murder mystery involves buying a pack from online and giving everybody a character. It’s like real life Cluedo, and a lot of fun – especially for fans of the game. You can even make up your own rules like guests are not allowed to break character, and if they do, they have to do a forfeit. What sort of forfeit? You decide!


  1. Go Zorbing

Zorbing can be a scary, high adrenaline activity – although probably not quite as scary as bungee jumping or a skydive. If you think zorbing is beneath you, then, by all means, do one of the scarier activities instead! However, this can be a great starting point if you want to simply ease yourself out of your comfort zone, rather than chuck yourself out of it at full speed…like you would throw yourself out of a plane. Try zorbing first, and throw yourself out of an aircraft later if you feel the need to do so.



  1. Ride The Trolley Bike

Renting a trolley bike is one of the most unique birthday party ideas, as most people don’t even know what it is! It’s the perfect activity for you and some friends, and will keep you laughing and drinking as you go. Simply hop on, pedal away, and you have your own bartender to make sure your cup never goes empty. You can rent out trolley bikes in many big cities, so make sure you look into it if you’re in a city or visiting one for a birthday get away!


  1. Re-live Your Prom Night

If you could re-do your prom night, would you? Lots of people would say yes. Who wouldn’t want to get all dressed up again, knowing what they know now, and blow last prom out of the water? Most people had prom when they didn’t know how to apply makeup correctly, and relied on their mom to do their hair. Kids of today have it far easier with YouTube and makeup artists popping up all over the place! If you want an excuse to get extra dressed up and re-live your youth, this could be the party choice for you.


  1. A Games Day

You can’t get much more fun than a day of playing games. Why not go out and play dodgeball, archery tag, or another game that catches your eye? Getting active with your friends can pump out those endorphins and make you feel high for days.


You could even simply arrange your own games day with a bunch of your own favorites, like Family Fortunes, Twister, and Monopoly.


  1. Try Paintballing

Paintballing hurts – so this isn’t exactly an idea for the fainthearted. However, it could be a  great choice for those who want to go head to head and test out their aim and stealth or those who want to see what they can do as a team. If your group is large enough, you may be able to split into two teams. If not, you might be playing with people who have done this lots of times (or a group of beginners – it can be luck of the draw). Everybody has to start somewhere, but be prepared for bruising the next day no matter how experienced you are!


  1. Go Karting

Go karting is a great idea for the competitive people out there, and best of all, there’s only a tiny chance you’ll get hurt. You’ll probably leave unscathed (just listen to the safety instructions and follow them), and you could very well be able to brag about beating all of your friends in a go kart race! You usually have multiple races, so don’t panic. You’ll get some time to warm up first too so you can go into your races in the best way possible!



  1. Learn How To Do Something New

How about learning how to do something new as a celebration? Humans are supposed to continuously learn and evolve – it isn’t supposed to stop when we leave school! Yet, most people do stop, and just get complacent with where they’re at in their lives. You could try your hand at pole dancing, making cocktails, singing, learning the Spice Girls dance moves – whatever takes your fancy. You could even go into something for the long term, such as learning a new language, playing an instrument, or doing something else that you’ve always dreamed of.  


  1. Roller Disco

Want to have fun but don’t just want a boring party? Go to a roller disco! Roller discos can be so much fun for those who used to love skating, and are even great for beginners. Both kids and adults can enjoy a roller disco, but make sure you look out for the adults only times if you’re going with friends. You can even potentially book the whole venue out if you have a large enough group and want to make sure nobody spoils the fun.


  1. Go To A Gig

Going to the pub or club is all well and good – but what about live music? You just can’t beat a live music experience! Go to a local gig and watch a few local bands, or splash out on tickets and see somebody you’ve always wanted to see. Perhaps you could even look for festival tickets and celebrate your special occasion by visiting a cool place with a plethora of bands over the course of a weekend.


  1. Explore A New City

Exploring a new city can give you a new perspective, and help you to discover some new and cool places you never would have discovered otherwise. Where will you go? You could go to the city closest to you and go off the beaten path for a brand new experience, or you could travel far and wide to a city you’ve never been before. You’re always bound to have a wonderful time when you’re exploring somewhere new!


  1. Throw A Beach Party

How about a more relaxed party at the beach? Who wants a boring party in a hall anyway? Head to the beach, grab some cosy chairs and your favorite drinks, light a fire, and then laugh and reminisce the night away! Just make sure you stay smart – don’t go swimming if you’ve had a few too many. You can also take some Cuban cigars for a better beach party. There are various types of cigars to match your smoking experiences and tastes. You may have a set of a kind or a couple of different types so that the guests could choose one from. For those who are real aficionados, H. Upmann cigars might be perfect with their balanced medium-bodied, and long smoke. For those who prefer lighter smokes, there are Fonseca cigars, Romeo y Julietta Churchills, El Rey del Mundo, and many others


  1. Have a Karaoke Competition

Maybe you love to sing. A karaoke competition will make you laugh for hours on end and get some great footage for Snapchat and Facebook live if nothing else. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing – just go up there and give it your all. You don’t even need a karaoke machine these days – you can do anything with a microphone and YouTube, or even a games console and the right game.



  1. Have A Slumber Party

If you really want to re-live your youth – how about a slumber party with your friends? Get some friends over in their pyjamas, crack open a bottle of something you like, order pizza, and put on a great tearjerker. Put on facemasks, paint each other’s nails, read magazines, discuss politics and feminism – just relax and enjoy one another’s company like you haven’t got a care in the world! This will be a great memory for you as you get even older, and with kids, marriage, and other things that often come later on (if they haven’t already) who knows when you’ll be able to do this sort of thing again?


  1. Try a Movie Marathon

Get your favorite people over and host a movie marathon full of some cult classics, or your favorite franchise. Maybe you could all become spellbound by Harry Potter or watch some creepy movies like Donnie Darko. Then wait for the conspiracy theories to start! Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s a night to remember with the right food, drink, and people. If you don’t have the patience to sit and watch multiple movies, a visit to the cinema could be a great alternative.

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Hopefully, these 15 pointers have given you some unique birthday celebration ideas you can use for inspiration. Maybe you could even use them as celebration for an anniversary, achievement, or something else special to you. Which ideas call out to you, and do you have ideas of your own? Make sure you leave them below. Come back soon!


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