The world has evolved a lot these past decades as a result of technology and the Internet. Right now, people are able to do amazing modern jobs and earn an income all while doing the things they love the most. Travelling is one of the top chosen blogging niches, especially with influencers. There are currently thousands of travel content creators on a global level.

It doesn’t come as much a surprise, does it? Being able to roam the world and inspire others by talking about your experiences is one of the best jobs ever! If done right, quality travel influencers and bloggers make more than just a decent living. They can afford extravagant travels and earn a fortune – all while visiting the best destinations in the world. 

According to Indeed, the average earnings in the travel niche field goes above $40 thousand per year. But, to make this happen for yourself, you must first know how to create quality travel content. 

That being said, here are the 15 ways that will make you a stand-out travel influencer or blogger.


 1. Create and Design a Great Website


Just last year, 94% of all negative feedback regarding websites was somehow related to the design. People who visit travel blogs online search for quality content, but they aren’t much willing to go through a poorly designed website to do it. It might sound unfair or rush, but websites are judged by their appearance. 

That being said, the first and essential step toward creating a great travel blog is to make the site user-friendly, beautiful, and fully functional. Surely, you’ll need to create great travel content to attract people to your posts but if you want to get them there, you need a visually appealing site at all times.


 2. Invest In It


Don’t expect to become a popular influencer overnight. There is simply too much competition out there, so you must give it your best to succeed. Also, you cannot expect to impress people by posting less than great content or great images. 

Before you begin this journey, invest in high-quality gear, and maybe even get some training. Jenna Smith, one of the top rated essay writers in the UK says: ‘’One of the biggest mistakes of bloggers today is that they jump right into it without improving their writing skills first. As a result, they cannot create the quality content that their followers expect of them.’’ 



 3. Find Your Voice


Some topics are simply too popular to leave out. However, if you decide to post on a topic that will reel many clicks in, you need to know that other travel bloggers took the same approach, too. This happens frequently with travel blogs, especially since the most read pieces are those about the top world destinations. 

This doesn’t mean that your blog should look anything like other blogs. Yes, you can write about the same destination or make a list of best places to visit, but give it your own touch. Whether you choose to share your unique experience or take a funny stand, it is up to you. The bottom line is, how you share the story is what makes you different from other bloggers. 

If you’re having troubles putting your experiences and ideas into creative writing, you might want to invest in some professional help, at least while you get the hang of it. Send your notes and images to an assignment writing service and ask them to create a unique, quality content that will attract your readers.


 4. Focus on Vocabulary and Grammar


By focusing too hard on the story, many bloggers fail to do the most basic when it comes to content – proofreading and editing. You must always leave some extra time to polish every blog post before you publish it. Editing your own content can prove to be much harder than you originally thought but thankfully, there are people to help you with this, too. Try to create your own content and give it your own voice, but make sure to invest in a research paper writing service that will take care of any existing grammar or vocabulary issues. 


 5. Create Practical Content


Most people who follow travel bloggers and influencers look for inspiration, but also for information. This is why you need to make your content as practical as possible. People should be impressed with your stories and your images, but they must also leave with some tips and suggestions once they’ve read your blog posts.

Terrence Potter, a UK assignment help writer gives some useful advice regarding this information: ‘’When you aren’t sure what to include, follow the 5W+H question principle. Answer the who, the what, the where, the when, the why, and the how.’’ 




6. Create Amazing Photography



Content doesn’t just include the written word. When it comes to travel content, a lot of it is based on photo content. A beautiful photo is your way of attracting people to your content, as well as an amazing representation of what you’re trying to say. 

Since you’ve picked this niche for your blog, you need to focus hard on photography. Use the right equipment, find the best angles, and prepare to make the best photos for your followers. 


 7. Edit the Photos


You can use the most creative props and find the best angle for a photo, but most photos could use some improvement. Whether it is a bit of a lighting tweaks or an hour spent on making all the details perfect – do it. If you have a lot to post and little time to do it, you might want to find or invest in some ready preset packs. 


 8. Track the Competition


In this business, it is not wise to copy the competition because people are always looking for something original and impressive. However, following some of the most popular competitors can give you many ideas for your own blog. And of course, it can give you the new places to add to your destination calendar!


 9. Leverage the Power of Social Media


For travel bloggers and influencers, the top platform to attract followers is definitely Instagram. But, don’t limit yourself to only this. If you create great photography, add it to Pinterest to give people some inspiration and drive more traffic to your blog. With the right tactics and Instagram tricks, you’ll soon realize that social media followers are some of your most loyal readers. 


 10. Be Professional  


Most travel bloggers and influencers have most of their travel expenses covered by brands and hotels. That’s how this business goes – and it is amazing because of it. “Before you hop on a plane and visit a great destination, you need to write some emails to hotels and brands that are willing to work with influencers. Once you become popular, such offers will probably come to you anyways but the important thing to remember here is to always be professional, “ says Martin Lays, the travel blogger and content influencer at T-Shirt Designs Bundle.


 11. Be Original


Originality is what makes a travel blogger stand out. It is wise to keep track of the competition and the trends in your career, especially when it comes to social media trends. However, you must always try to add some original ideas into your blog or social media profiles. 


 12. Keep It Consistent


Your followers will notice if you go inactive for weeks. Popping up every once in a while can kill your reputation in this business. Even if you don’t travel that often, make sure to always have quality posts and images that will keep your audience interested and engaged.

Many travel bloggers start off while doing their everyday jobs. This will limit the time you have to spend on taking photos and writing blogs, but it doesn’t mean that you should take breaks from it. It simply doesn’t work that way. If you need help, it’s better to hire some dissertation help writers to do your content instead of losing all those followers you worked hard to get.


 13. Collaborate


The majority of travel influencers and bloggers focus so hard on their travels and their business that they forget to collaborate with others. Guest posting is really important regardless of your content niche.


 14. Play on People’s Emotions


When writing your content, make sure to play on emotions to keep your readers engaged. Promote some joy, some excitement, and even some sadness or anger at times. It’s important to share both the good and bad sides of your travels. If you focus on only one, people will not put their trust into you.


 15. Quality is Key


By attempting to post often for their followers, travel bloggers and influencers tend to rush into this and post poor quality images or posts. Don’t do this. Always prioritize quality over quantity. 

There are numerous things that can turn you into a successful travel influencer or blogger. These are just a few of the tips that will lead you in that direction, but they are also the 15 crucial steps without which you cannot succeed in this business. The important thing is to love what you are doing and be passionate about it. This is one of the most enjoyable career paths you could have chosen, so before everything else, make sure to enjoy every step of it!

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