Not everyone is born as an actor, but children love running around pretending they're all grown up. They love playing house, pretending they're chefs, and love acting like they're in a store. Not only do they mimic the behaviour of grownups, but in a way they are practicing social skills for future. What is more, their imagination and creativity run wild, and they learn that nothing can limit them if they decide to be princesses and superheroes.
Play Vet clinic

Vet in the Making
Vet in the Making

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If you have a pet, they can have the honour of being special patients at your daughter’s clinic. All she needs is a white or green oat (your shirt will do just fine too), stethoscope, and bandages. Of course, if you don’t have a pet, all you need are her stuffed toys. Candies can go as pills, and perhaps a plastic injection might be a nice touch too, but at this point you can let her lead and you can be her assistant who will give her the instrument, pills, and bring fluffy patients to her.
Play princess
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This one she will probably do without your help too, but you can help her really feel like a princess. Make her a little crown, comb her hair, and bring her lemonade to cool down after a long day at the castle. Who knows, maybe you two can even trick the evil queen and think of a way to escape the enchanted castle together. Who says that princess always needs to be rescued? She can escape with some help from her mother.
Play wedding
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 This is that one pretend play every other grown up woman still plays in her head: the wedding. This is that special day when girls feel (and look) like princesses and when all around them is glamour and sparkle. Little girls love pretending they’re lovely brides clad in silk and lace with a long veil on their little heads. Play with your little girl and try to make it as realistic as possible: allow her to dress up in lovely girl’s formal wear dress she wore as a flower girl, or make a DIY tutu skirt and a veil out of old scraps of tulle and ribbons, give her a small bouquet make of flowers from your garden and leaves, dance with her, snap quick photos, and prepare to answer a billion questions about love and weddings.
Play kitchen
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You probably already have a small plastic or wooden kitchen stacked somewhere, it may even be your old one. Help your little girl prepare lunch, set the table, and maybe even wash the dishes afterwards. All you need is some plastic or cotton fruit and vegetables, a few pots and pans, plates, cutlery, and a small stove with an oven. Help her cut vegetables, and set the table where the lunch will take place. The best part is that you don’t actually need a lot of things, your girl can accompany you to the kitchen and play at the counter while you’re peeling apples on the other side or preparing soup on the stove.
Children are born to pretend play all day long, and no matter how superior grownups are when compared to them, no grownup will ever have imagination as wild as a child. You don’t have to help them engage in pretend plays all the time, but if you do decide to join them, you will feel the wheels and spokes of your (a bit rusty) imagination start moving again.

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