2 must have games from Breaking Games

2 must have games from Breaking Games that your family will love to play! Sparkle Kitty and Game of Phones are fun to play with the family!

2 must have games from Breaking Games

Breaking Games has two new games for your family. They are Sparkle Kitty and Game of Phones. I am excited to tell you about them here on Things That Make People Go Aww.

Thoughts about Breaking Games

When I received these two games, My daughter was excited about Sparkle Kitty. I had a friend who wanted to check out Game of Phones so I let her play it and give her thoughts. Both of these games are cute. Sparkle kitty is ideal for kids while Game of Phones is great for Adult Game Night! Check out each individual review below.

Game of Phones: 

Whip out your smartphones, Game of Phones is sure to fill the night with laughs.

Whether it's a night in with family or a night out with friends, Game of Phones is sure to be a hit. Game of Phones is a card game intended for 3+ players ages 13+. You'll need your smartphone to play this very simple yet very fun game. Game of Phones is a great party game, each round lasts only a minute and players compete using info found on or with their phones. Game of Phones is ever-changing since answers provided by each individual player are unique and vary.

This past Saturday night we played Game of Phones with a group of 8 and had a lot of laughs. A few were hesitant to play until we started, then Everyone wanted to join in on the Fun. It was a riot to see photos, web searches, apps and other random info players shared. By the end of the night, my cheeks hurt from laughing so much. One player laughed so hard she had to run to the bathroom before she wet herself.

Hands down, Game of Phones is an excellent party game you'll want to play with friends and family.

Sparkle Kitty

Sparkle Kitty is a fun board game full of magical things. But the evil queen Sparkle Kitty she has trapped all the princess all in the tower. You are the one to try to save the princess from the tower. One thing you have is a spellbook with you and in order to use the spellbook is your cards on your deck you can make a magical word. You have to say your magical word out loud so you can go high enough to try to save your princess.

In order to win is to try to have the less amount in your hand or you can go get your princess by going to the tower. Enjoy your adventure and to try to save your princess. Your journey awaits have fun.  As a game, I think it is fun and magical. My 13-year-old daughter is in love with this game. I recommend it to anyone!

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