20 Pretty Shoulder-Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50


Women at age tend to cut their hair short. Either it is considered to be more convenient, or they just find it more suitable, who knows. Yet, does it necessarily mean that we have to get rid of our locks once we turn 50? No, most certainly not. There are numerous options while keeping length somewhere around shoulders (a little bit above or below). They will make you look chic and stately at the same time. Also, medium length is a great instrument to transfigure oneself, emphasize the merits, smooth out the flaws, and become more attractive and even sexy. 

Since there exists a pretty wide range of hairstyles for women over 50, it is crucial to choose a proper one. As with any other case, here whether a hairstyle will be appropriate or not, depends on face shape and hair type. Does your face remind you of a circle or square, or something else? Is your hair thick or thin, straight, wavy, or maybe curly? The answers to those questions should be a foundation while selecting a new image.

The list of 20 best shoulder-length hairstyles for women over 50 follows. Check it out!

The Classic Lob

The top place goes to a simple but flattering classic lob. It is a gorgeous versatile haircut that Diane Keaton gives preference to. Such lob probably won’t be a central detail of a look but a wonderful background attribute.

Sandra Oh’s Curly Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs Sandra Oh is frequently wearing proof that bangs are not for straight hair only. It works perfectly fine with curly strands as well.

The Wavy Lob

Voluminous waves look so good on a middle-length cut. Achieve those by applying one-inch curling iron or large (one and a half/ two-inch) curlers.

Meryl Streep’s Tapered Volume

We all love Meryl Streep and admire her tapered volume hairstyle. To recreate it, ask your stylist to make the end a little bit thinner than the roots.

Parted Fringe

This bang style is for straight hair owners. Simply part your fringe slightly in the middle and it is ready.

The Rounded Cut

When layers are cut gradually, they create nice volume. Shorter at the front and longer at the back. With a side-swept move or some styling, you can achieve that fuller look of thin hair.

’70s-Inspired Shag

This cut obviously takes its origins in the 70s. There are a shortage of parts in the middle and also locks framing a face.

The Side-Parted Lob

The sleek side-parted lob is a great choice. And again simple but enormously elegant.

Wispy Layers

It is no secret that layers add volume. And so it truly is even if your hair is the only shoulder length.

The Natural Lob

This hairstyle is a lifesaver for curly women. So, give it a shot if you are one!

Side-Swept Coils

Side-swept coils are an example of intentional effortlessness. Short and easy in taking care of. Alfre Woodard likes this one.

The Gradual Lob

The gradual lob is like an angled bob, but longer. The main point here is to leave the front locks longer than the back part.

The Face-Framing Pony

Take your hair into a ponytail and separate some face-framing locks. Those can be either curtain bangs or shorter layers.

The Lightly Layered Cut

Here the trick is not to overdo it and make it look choppy. But in general, light layers are quite flattering at this hair length.

The Effortless Half-Up Half-Down

This is the right decision when you need to keep loose hair and don’t want it to be in your face. Pin front and crown strands up with the help of bobby pins and some bands.

Gabrielle Union’s Over-Directed Side Part

This is an easy way to make some deal of transformation on your own. Exaggerate a side part slightly and voila.


As we all can observe, a classic blowout is a forever up-to-date hairstyle. The very top of smoothness and elegance.

Lucy Liu’s Sleek Side Part

Lucy Liu’s modest side part is featured as sleek and polished. Here we may forget about the effortlessness and dive into the world of chic classics. It looks especially pretty with a short length cut.

The Perfect Center Part

Another utter classic example. Make a part at the center of a crown zone and afterwards experiment with styling.

The Low Side Pony

The last but not the least hairstyle for today is low side pony. Put your hair back and make a low ponytail. Then loosen some locks to the front. Ta-dah, you’re done!