High cholesterol is an issue that affects many people nowadays. In a sense, it is a sign of our time and our unhealthy habits. Unlike most other medical problems, this substance is a silent killer, creating negative effect after prolonged period of time. It is even worse if we have in mind that high cholesterol doesn’t leave any symptom on the body. Because of this, most people neglect it, refusing to lower it to a normal level. As a result, person will suffer from heart issues or stroke.
This issue is especially common for developed countries. Bad habits are the main reason for development of the issue. Naturally, genetics also plays an important role. According to You! Drugstore, high cholesterol is the most common medical condition among people bellow thirty making it that much worse. Until recently, this was a problem that was generally affecting older individuals, people in their fifties and above. Due to some modern habits and way of living, younger people also started suffering from it. Individuals are working in offices making them static. They lack exercise and movement that can reduce amount of this chemical. Bad food, devoid of fruits and vegetables further affects patient’s system. Alcohol, tobacco and even stress can contribute to this problem. This is why doctor suggest first control already at the age of twenty for people who have these habits.


In our body, there are two main types of cholesterol. One is LDL or low density lipoprotein while the other is HDL or high density lipoprotein. Even though cholesterol has important metabolic function, it can come in state of imbalance. When we say that a person has high cholesterol, we refer to high amount of low density lipoprotein. Luckily, this issue can be controlled when you buy Zetia online. LDL becomes stuck to the walls of arteries, preventing flow of blood. As it starts amassing within blood vessel, it will create a plaque. This plaque will eventually fall off, start traveling and clog one of the important arteries that are connected to brain or heart. As a result, person will suffer from heart attack or stroke.


Good thing about this problem is that we can treat it even without using medication. Given that this is an issue caused by bad habits, it is easy to revert the process by quitting all these vices. Also, patient needs to start eating properly, with a lot of vegetables, fruit and fish in diet. Fat and greasy food is strictly prohibited. Finally, medical experts recommend exercises. Patient needs to exercise for at least 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times per week.


Although we can eliminate this problem in a natural way, some patients will be forced to take drugs. Medicines such as Zetia are especially important for all those that have extremely high level of cholesterol in blood. In order to prevent potential heart attack or stroke, person should use these drugs. It works as cholesterol inhibitor, preventing additional cholesterol being absorbed by the body. Meanwhile, individual needs to make the necessary lifestyle changes and reduce amount of substance in blood.

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