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Ever find yourself wishing there was a simpler way to manage your home? Well, like just about everything else in life, there could be an app for that. The way we view the world has changed in the digital age. By and large, most people don't like to think for themselves nowadays. And why should they? There are tools available to do all that hard work and organization for you.


Application developers aren't few and far between. There are thousands, if not more, of them, piecing together the latest bit of tech that we soon won't be able to live without. What started as a bit of fun for our new smartphones has taken on a huge mantle. We all have our favourite go-to apps for all kinds of scenarios. And yet, not so much of our attention is spent on the apps that could make keeping your house under control.


Let's not forget, we live in a world where you can control your television or air conditioning from your phone. It's a different time, ladies and gents. If you ever feel like tearing your hair out as a result of a mess, a repair, or noise, here are some apps that could help you out.




One of the things that strikes me about the modern world is how difficult it is to find a piece of paper and a pen lying around the house anymore. Somewhere along th

e way, probably once your phone became the easiest way to log a note, we stopped writing things down. Whether that's a good thing or not depends entirely on your personal preference.


When it comes to knocking up a shopping list, though, it can be a nightmare. No matter how hard you look, you just can't seem to find a pencil anywhere. That's where GroceryIQ comes in, taking the place of the traditional shopping list. Only better. GroceryIQ includes voice recognition, barcode scanning, and even product searches.




Who says cleaning can't be fun? That's exactly what the developers behind the iOS EpicWin intend to prove wrong. Their quirky little management app helps you to turn monotonous household chores into an RPG adventure. You open it up for the first time and create your avatar. You know, just the usual. Your name, appearance, and attributes. You're then directed to the “quest” section, where performing certain chores will gain experience in order to ‘level up.' You’ll be surprisingly addicted.


I was first introduced to this extremely useful organizing app at work. There is a free version available, but for the full service, you'll have to buy a subscription. What Wunderlist does better than any other ‘to do' app is sync with different users. You can set tasks, deadlines, and share them with other registered Wunderlist users. Once they're completed, you simply cross them off and they'll head over to the archive. You can even set email reminders for upcoming deadlines if you happen to be of a forgetful disposition.

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