Winning a scholarship is not a cakewalk because you need to write an outstanding essay on a given prompt. The essay is the most challenging part of the application, to be very honest. Penning the essay is your opportunity to make your mark and prove to the committee why you must win. The essay helps you to prove your writing skills, analytical skills, and building your points in support of the topic. The essay should educate, inform, and enlighten people with data and facts to corroborate your information. 

According to an article published in Huffington Post, approximately $46 billion is awarded in scholarship money to students all over the United States. Even when you have a low GPA, it does not mean that you cannot win the scholarship. That is why you need to take your essay writing to the next level. Here is how: 

  1. Follow all instructions carefully, especially the prompt

If you think that you need to write another essay, what is the big deal, you are highly mistaken. This is where a majority of the applicants goof up before they even start writing the essay. They do not read the instructions carefully. If you fail to meet the word count, your application will face rejection or if you exceed the word count. For example, if the word count is 850 words, stick to it and do not write less or end up writing 950-1000 words. 

When writing the essay for Josh Gibson MD Grant, double-check facts and ensure you respond to every aspect of the prompt, and follow the prescribed format. Write a concrete essay and include relevant information that is required. Do include fluff just to make up for the word count. 

  1. Write citing realistic examples 

Do not simply tell your reader about the topic, you need to prove it with practical examples. All candidates will write about the topic, but you need to incorporate real-life examples with data to support what you write. This is how you can make the essay unique for the Josh Gibson MD Scholarship program. Avoid writing generic, include some inimitable information that the committee will expect from you. 

Make your essay engaging with realistic examples instead of making it read like a standard school essay. Remember you will receive a scholarship amount of $1,000 and therefore, you need to make your essay stand out from the rest. 

  1. Proofread and edit your essay before submitting 

You may have exceptional essay writing skills, but you will make typos and even grammar errors. It is natural because to err is human. That is why you need to read your essay thoroughly, slowly once you complete it. Proofread twice and make the necessary corrections. Next, comes the actual editing part. Editing is not just reading through, but changing sentences that seem too generic, making it a solid piece to read backed with data from authentic sources if you have missed it anyhow. 


Once you have written and edited your essay, submit it on time. When you prepare for a scholarship program, start practicing to write essays and it would make you perfect. 

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