There are a few things in this world that are more addicting and exhilarating than SCUBA diving. SCUBA diving puts you in a completely different world than what you are normally used to. Even if you’ve had decades of experience, there’s still that feeling of “here we go!“ That gets your heart pumping before every dive. There is never a dull moment. It can be calm and serene. It can be meditative and beautiful. But it’s never dull. When it comes to scuba diving, Asia and Australia tend to be the go-to spots for global travelers. Yes, there’s a lot of colorful life in those waters. Europe, with its massive size, also has tremendous diving spots. Here are some of the most beautiful European waters to explore on your next trip.


Deep in the Mediterranean sea, directly south from Sicily, are the islands of Gozo and Malta. They are famous for being the casino hub of Europe. The island of Gozo itself is a beautiful snapshot of so many empires in the region. But Gozo diving has to be the most amazing feature of them all. The water doesn’t seem real. That’s usually a statement reserved for places like the Philippines. In Europe, Gozo is on another level altogether when it comes to clarity and marine life. Will you find there more than any other spots, is the beauty of the shipwreck. There is a beautiful statue that one can find, as well as remnants of the ancient shipping culture of the region. Exploring these caves in the ships put you on a time machine, and you will never forget that experience. 

Canary Islands

Another spot that is frequented for its beautiful diving, is the Canary Islands. Found in the Spanish archipelago, the unique marine life of the canary islands is a sight to be seen. The visibility in the Canary Islands is, on average, around 30 m deep. On top of that, the water temperature is usually stable at around 16°C. This makes it extremely enjoyable and very calming down. You’re not battling the elements like you would in Norway. You don’t have to wear a thick suit like you would in the Americas. It is, quite possibly, the most pleasant spot in Europe to enjoy natural corals and unique biodiversity.


If you’re ready to battle the waters, Norway is your spot to go. During the summers, you can gain access to one of the most sought after dive spots in the continent, Saltstraumen. Diving there is unlike any other spot. It has one of the strongest currents in the world for such a small straight. Because of these currents, the wildlife in the coral is completely different than anywhere else in the world. It looks like you’ve been transported to a different planet. It also gives away for alien-like rock formations and indescribable fish. It can be a bit of a challenge, but for those with the grit in the sense of adventure, it is nothing less than breathtaking. 


Diving in Europe is a blast. If you’re used to other spots around the world, give it a try. 

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