Steeped Coffee

Steeped Coffee
Now that school has started, you probably feel that you need coffee now more than ever before. With trying to keep up with everyone's schedule, working from home, and just trying to stay sane, you need your daily dose of coffee to keep you ready for anything. That's why I am excited to introduce you to STEEPED COFFEE. STEEPED COFFEE is a single-serve eco-friendly coffee that delivers gourmet taste without machines!

Coffee Without Compromise

With STEEPED COFFEE, you can enjoy your coffee anywhere you like. From home, in the car, at work, etc. Each STEEPED COFFEE single serve bag is filled with 100% hand roasted specialty coffee. Their coffee is crafted for quality, convenience, and sustainability. With three simple steps, you can enjoy your favorite blend of coffee from light roast to french roast to decaf. The three steps are:

  1. Submerge – place filter in cup and gradually pour over 8 oz. of hot water per Steeped bag.
  2. Saturate – dunk the bag for 15 seconds, longer for added strength
  3. Steep – leave bag in your cup or until preferred taste. Drink after 5+ minutes.


There are five blends that you can choose including:

  • Sunrise Light Roast – balances the subtle complexity of cocoa with hints of fruit (lemon-lime)
  • California Medium Roast – balanced acidity and chocolaty body are complemented with aromas of dessert-like sweetness and toasted coconut year around.
  • Odyssey Dark Roast – yields a dark chocolate flavor and caramelized sweetness
  • Driftwood French Roast – uses caramelization to bring together creamy dark chocolate and dark sugary sweetness
  • Eventide Decaf – Swiss Water Processed –  this Ethiopian single origin decaf has balanced low-toned flavors with just a hint of fruitiness

Eco-Friendly Practices

STEEPED COFFEE uses several eco-friendly practices to ensure that you can enjoy a simple cup of coffee without any harsh chemicals. They ethically source each bean that far exceeds Fair Trade minimums. Each single serve bag is made of a non-GMO food grade renewable and biodegradable material. The unique flavor profiles comes from their coffee being produced in special geographic microclimates from around the world. To learn more about their Ethos, please visit here:
Which blend are you excited to try or excited for a friend/family member to try? Each blend is delicious, rich, and very flavorful!
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