Many of us have an idea or a business that we're trying to get out into the world or trying to make more successful. These days, the best way to reach people globally is through building apps. Your success depends entirely on the quality of your application. A great app has to be functional, provide value to a user's life, solve a real problem they have, or make their day a little bit more fun. This article will explain the three key elements of a successful app.


    1. Design


App users have very, very high expectations for how apps are going to look and behave on their devices. The time that professional application coders spend on optimizing design pays off many, many times over. The best-designed apps provide creative, delightful, and engaging experiences across multiple types of devices. Great app design is more than just making sure that the app looks cool. It's really about defining the characteristics of how an app’s user interface should feel, move, and adapt to a user.


Great app coders create patterns in their coding to implement this. Beautiful aesthetics can be used to not only delight users but to also help apps adapt across screens. The most successful applications can be used on smartphones, tabs, and desktops without any loss in usability or reduction in user enjoyment. A great app should have bold and original branding that is instantly recognizable. Expert app coders emphasize a great use of color, fonts, and graphics to ensure that your app stands out from the crowd. When we think of Snapchat we immediately associate it with the bright yellow branding and this is the kind of instantly recognizable design that all app coders strive for.


   2. Notification Capabilities


Applications must be capable of sending push notifications to the user to make sure that they stay engaged with the application and use it regularly. Today, the average smartphone user has more than fifty apps on their phone so notifications are a vital element of any successful application. The coding experts at this website say that there are many ways to format notifications that are worth looking into depending on what type of app a coder is trying to build. They must make sure that they add a notification flag to make sure that their new app will appear in the phone’s settings so that users can go there to adjust notification settings. 


It is particularly important these days that notifications from an application appear on the user’s lock screen and this is a relatively new feature that all the best apps have utilized. Some apps have notifications that inform the user when they have received a message or some other engagement from another user of the app. Perhaps the best example of this is Tinder which is a dating app that connects its users through a system of photos and matches. Other apps send notifications that remind the user that it is time for engagement. The language learning app Duolingo does this very effectively when it notifies the user that it is time for their daily language lesson. Effective notifications are of paramount importance to ensure that an app is successful and not lost in the crowd.


   3. Immersive but Simple


The most successful apps available today immerse the user completely but are incredibly simple to use. A good example of this is apps designed for smart TVs. The user wants to lean back, sit on the sofa, and be entertained, but the menus and playback controls should be really easy to use. If a person's using a remote control to interact, they just want to sit down and put on their favorite program, not go through menu after menu. 


The most effective apps are the simplest and have the fewest screens and the least friction between the user and the content that they want to engage with. To create something immersive, the best coders of TV apps use movement, sound, and visual imagery to create something that has a truly cinematic experience. The way menus pop up or fade away, the way one episode transitions into the next, these are all details that the most successful apps get perfect every time. 


Applications these days cannot afford to have any functionality issues, especially after iOS updates. To prevent users from becoming frustrated and abandoning an app, it must run smoothly, without bugs or glitches or users will simply move on to the next thing.


The most successful apps attract tens of millions of users worldwide and are highly profitable for their developers. Great apps have cutting edge design, up to the second notification capabilities, and provide a simple but immersive user experience. Great app design requires an expert eye for detail as well as incredible coding skills. With so much competition on the market, the most successful applications are quite incredible pieces of programming.

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