Technology advancement comes with a change in lifestyle. Multiple restaurants and cafes have integrated their businesses with online food ordering companies. With a large number of people being busy or simply tired to go and purchase your meals from a nearby restaurant or cafe; you just need your android or iOS phone. By the click of just a button, you will get your delivery at your doorstep at a relatively low cost or free. Payment can either be made online using a credit card or during delivery.



Seamless is an application which can be accessed by both Android and iOS users. It serves mostly residents found in major us cities; Washington dc, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and many more.


  1. Offers periodically updated menus from multiple restaurants across the United States. The menus are usually accompanied by photos and their prices.

  2. There are usually no charges in using the application

3)  Seamless offers in-app discount and give its customers the privilege to enjoy free delivery.

4) It is found it more than 600 cities in the United States hence serving a very large population.


This is also an android and iOS based application. By just feeding in your address Grubhub will give you a list of the nearby restaurants from which you can order your meal.



  1. It is found in over 800 United States cities with more than 30,000 around all these cities.

  2. GrubHub has a list of properly arranged menu items to enable you to easily and quickly find your meals.

  3. The application does not charge for its usage, the only charges incurred are for delivery depending on the restaurant.

  4. It offers 24/7 customer care services to work on your orders.

Truckster Food Truck App

Truckster is a company of trucks carrying food under which customers place their orders. Truckster food truck app acts as a connector between the food trucks and the customers. The trucks are usually on the move. A map is usually used by the customer to detect nearby trucks. These trucks are found in different continents including the United States and Asia.


  1. The customers are able to explore the best food truck depending on the view ratings and reviews.

  2. They offer enhanced consumer relationship

3)  One has the opportunity to share events, trucks, and breweries with your fellow friend.

4) The application can be found on either Android or iOS at no costs.

    5) You will not have to incur delivery charges as the trucks are usually on your proximity.

Thanks should be given to the food ordering mobile application developer. They have saved a lot of time for many people all around the world. With the above application, you should now be clicking your buttons and placing your orders because it is easy and cheap. Now you don’t have to stay hungry just because you can’t cook. Place your order to get fresh hot and quality food and keep going. What are you waiting for its time that you jumped on board and joined millions of other people using these applications. Technology advances fast, so should you.

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