3 Great Themes for Your Kitchen (And How To Pull Them Off)

3 Great Themes for Your Kitchen (And How To Pull Them Off)

We have talked before about how remodeling a kitchen can increase your home’s value, but the kitchen can be one of the trickier places for designers to navigate. Because appliances and workspaces take up so much room, it can be hard to see how to add any style, let alone a theme, into a kitchen. However, with the right know-how, you can create some of the best themes for your kitchen.

How To Implement a Theme

Implementing a theme into a kitchen isn’t much different from implementing a theme anywhere else in the house. The foundation is built upon choosing a color scheme that looks great in your kitchen and captures your theme. From there, you can start making choices about your cabinets, countertops, and furniture to subtly nod to your theme, and then add accessories and subtle accents to tie the look together.


Farmhouses make you think of rising early, working hard, and eating home-cooked meals. All in all, a perfect theme for a kitchen! Color schemes in the farmhouse theme tend to focus on neutral or muted colors, which you can bring out with wooden floors and white or brown cabinets. You can also switch over to open shelving to turn your crockery into an accessory and create a very farm-centric look. Visit an old-fashioned farm for accessory inspiration. Bread boxes and canisters labeled for flour, sugar, and tea were common fixtures in old-fashioned kitchens that can add to your look. For an extra addition, you can add a farmhouse sign or milk canister seats to the room.

Coffee Shop

For many of us, our day doesn’t start without a fresh cup of coffee. Why not transform your kitchen into a coffee shop? The coffee shop look can range from American coffee shops to Parisian cafés, so there is a lot of variation to this theme. Generally, however, coffeeshops often gravitate toward darker, earthier colors, occasionally accented by a deep red or blue. Tall stools and high-backed chairs, especially ones with iron wrought backs, will immediately make visitors think of their favorite shops. Again, accessories are going to make this theme look complete. Decorate by hanging mugs on walls hooks, displaying prints of coffee cups above the counters, or painting blackboard walls with some of your “house specialties.”


This is one of our bolder looks. Retro kitchens take you back to the 50s, where bright colors and bold patterns were all the rage. This theme’s color scheme often includes a combination of minty blue, pale yellow, or bright red. A bright pink color palette can also be a great choice for this style. These tones are, of course, usually accompanied by an iconic checkerboard tile floor. Finding vintage furniture, especially diner-style stools or an old-fashioned kitchen table, will help complete your kitchen’s transformation to yesteryear.

Remodeling a kitchen can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Choosing a theme for your kitchen doesn’t just add value to your house. It also helps create a space where you can enjoy cooking and eating with friends and family.