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It’s no huge surprise that we all want to be safe on the roads. Cars can be extremely dangerous, and it is often difficult to keep as safe as we would like to. That, of course is partly down to the behaviour of others on the road, something which we really can’t do anything about. But if you are serious about remaining safe on the road, it is helpful to look at a few essential, but often unspoken of, things about driving. In this post, we are going to look at a few little-known facts about driving and, in particular, keeping as safe as possible on the roads.


Cool It On The Acceleration


It’s a situation we have all been guilty of. You’re waiting at the traffic lights, eager to go. When it turns green, you are so ready that you slam the accelerator down with great force, causing a huge amount of wheel spin and what sometimes seems like extra fast acceleration. But if you look at the physics of it, it seems as though this is not actually quite true. Actually, hitting the pedal like that does very little, as the gearbox is what is likely to have much more effect. Given that you are wasting fuel, as well as making it more likely that you will lose control of your vehicle, you might as well avoid doing this at all. You will be much safer, and your wallet will appreciate it as well.


Use Your Seat Belt Properly


It might sound funny to ask, but are you sure that you are actually using your seat belt properly every time you use it? We all know that seat belts help to keep you as safe as possible on the roads, but the truth is that many people do actually use them in a less than ideal manner. If you have ever been tempted to tuck a seat belt under your arm, don’t – this is the number one thing to avoid when it comes to seat belt use. If you do this, and you are in an accident, it can cause severe problems such as cracked ribs or damaged internal organs, so it is definitely something to avoid. The last thing you want is to be involved in a serious accident and having to call an injury lawyer.


In A Position To Drive


One of the most hotly contended facts about driving is all about the importance of the angle you sit at. As it happens, the ideal position for safety’s sake is to sit a minimum of ten inches from the centre of the steering wheel. If you sit any closer than this, it can actually cause serious injuries should you be involved in an accident and the airbag is deployed. Mke sure you are sitting further back from the wheel, and you will be much less likely to have any problems of that nature should you crash. If you follow this, you are much more likely to survive any crashes that you do have, so it is definitely worthwhile.

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