3 Reasons a Great Name Is Vital for a Successful Blog



If you want to start a blog but aren’t sure how to come up with a catchy name, Namify can help. We specialize in helping you find the perfect name for your blog by generating numerous choices that are populated by the terms you enter into our search engine. Here are three reasons you should use our service.

Creates a Unique Name

If you don’t think outside the box when it comes to naming your blog, it won’t stand out from its competitors. There are thousands of blogs and you can’t possibly be aware of what they are each called, but using a blog name generator can help you find a unique name. Namify allows you to input keywords related to your blog so you can find a creative name that fits the tone of your blog. You can then register your name so other blogs can’t steal it.

Develops Your Brand

Every blog has a unique tone and brand that sets it apart from the competition. It takes a lot of time and preparation to fully develop your brand, but one thing that can help it is having a blog name that fits with the brand and tone of the content. For example, a blog that is catered to helping new moms navigate postpartum life probably won’t attract a lot of attention if its name isn’t on brand. Choosing a blog name such as “Navigating Postpartum Blues” makes your blog sound formal while a name such as “Not Your Average Mom” makes the blog sound fun and informal. The name you choose gives readers their first impression of the tone or style of your blog, so make sure you find one that matches.

Targets Your Niche Audience

Building a solid blog following takes a lot of hard work and dedication. To make your blog searchable, make sure you choose a name that is catchy, easy to remember and targets your intended audience. If your blog is intended for people who enjoy traveling the world, its name should reflect that. If it is called “The Jetsetting Mom”, it indicates that its niche audience is moms who like to travel. A simple title such as “The Everyday Mom” has a broader appeal but may not cater to the niche audience you are targeting.  Because Namify selects blog names based on the keywords you provide, you know each result is going to target your niche readers so you can build an audience.

Coming up with a unique, creative blog name can be overwhelming and stressful, but Namify is here to help. We will generate numerous blog names based on the keywords you provide us. Each potential name we give you is unique and catchy so if you choose to use it for a blog name, it will help you build a wider audience of readers. Before you launch your blog, visit our site to choose a strong, catchy name that reflects the tone and brand of your content. Taking this step increases the chance of your blog becoming successful.