Poker is a unique game that requires a lot of expertise to comprehend the rules and technicalities fully. Like every other game, Poker has its rules and procedures that guide how the game is played from the starting point to the end. 

Despite rules of engagement in Poker, don't be surprised some players still find a way to circumvent the process to their advantage. Some players go against the spirit of the sincerity of the game to increase winnings, and the primary objective is to stay ahead of other competitors. In a nutshell, any player not following the laid down procedure is a poker cheater. 

Below are common cheating that can take place in a poker game and the best approach to handle the situation when they arise. 



  • Breaking cooperation between colluding players


Colluding in tournaments is cheating where players playing on the same poker board cooperate to eliminate other players. Unlike other sports where working as a unit is required, Poker is otherwise. If you notice some of the players colluding, the best you can do is ensure you break the cooperation between them by not allowing them to play a pot not to get squeezed up in operation.



  • Marking deck of cards with luminous ink mark


This form of cheating usually occurs when a player tries to use cards that are not originally part of the deck of cards used in the game. Usually, the cheater will one or two cards safely hidden away. To win a game, the cheater switches an original card from your deck with an external. If you only deal with a poker card with luminous ink marks, you can quickly check the winning cards under a specific light. If one of them doesn't show signs of the invisible ink, the cheater is exposed. 



  • Checking for top value marked cards 



A marked card is a common form of cheating in a poker game, and it may difficult to detect if you are playing in-house or private games other than a standardized casino. Most cheaters understand that each card carries different values, so all the cards' primary target is the ace card. The ace card has a high return on investment, making it a prime target for poker cheaters. 

To expose marked card cheating, put the decks of cards in the palm, with the short end of the card carefully placed on the edge of your palm. 

Once this is done, you will notice the other lot of the cards start sticking up. Fixate eyes on the back of the cards, then use the thumb of your hand to run across the deck to the back so that you can see the back of each card easily. It would help if you used the first finger of the same hand with the thumb you are using against the face of the cards to hold the middle of the deck while the thumb carries out the manipulating roles. Doing this over a period will help you detect the inconsistency on the back of each card.


Playing Poker requires every player to be vigilant because if you don't have the intention of cheating, you can't be sure your opponents have the same motive. 

Suppose you notice any form of inconsistency while playing in a private center or casino. In that case, the best you should do is to raise a point of order by calling the attention of the regulators or fellow players to apprehend the cheater. 

However, you must be careful, ensure you are sure that you can prove the cheating with concrete evidence to avoid embarrassment.


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