3 Tips to Avoid Car Accidents on Busy Roads 

You love to get behind the wheel of your new, swanky car and go for a long drive, commute to your workplace, or go for a weekend trip with your family or friends. Then, if you hail from Ottawa, the city is in the news headlines, as it has one of the maximum road accident rates in Canada. It implies that you need to practice some safe driving tips when hitting the roads. 

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, if you are new to driving, make sure you always wear the seat belt when behind the wheel. Go slow when you have just started to drive. Therefore, here are three tips to help you drive safe on the Ottawa roads: 

1. Focus on the road 

While you drive, you are multitasking. How? Well, you are focusing on the traffic signals, road signs, watching the other vehicles ahead of or behind you, and of course looking at the rearview mirrors. Then, avoid changing music on your car’s multimedia system, conversing with others in the vehicle, talking to someone on your mobile phone, or eating while driving. All these are possible distractions keeping your focus off the road leading to fatal collisions. 

Choose your preferred radio station or audio CD before you start the engine so that you do not need to change music later. Play those songs. If someone calls while you drive, answer the call later or pull over to talk. These little things matter and responsible drivers follow safe driving tips in Ottawa. 

2. Avoid texting while you drive

Not only does talking on the phone lead to fatal car crashes but also texting while driving. When you text, your eyes are not always on the road and even a couple of seconds’ distraction can lead to fatal collisions on the Ottawa roads. 

If you feel that you cannot resist the urge to text your friend while driving, keep your smartphone in the backseat of your car. Your friends can wait some minutes more for their text messages. You can always reply to them later. There is nothing so important that you cannot postpone your texting or calls while you drive. Accidents happen in split seconds and therefore, you need to drive responsibly for your safety as well as that of others on the road. 

3. Drive slowly 

When you are new to driving, go slow, and allow yourself some time before speeding down the roads and highways. Rash driving not only causes accidents but also makes car damage and injuries more critical than you can imagine. People often speed because they are in a hurry to reach their office or home quickly. Drive slow. Even if you are 10 minutes late, it will not make much of a difference. Your safety is in your hands. If it takes one hour to reach your destination, give yourself that time. There is no need to rush. If you think, you will be late, inform your manager about it or start 10 minutes early from your home. 


Keep these safety tips in mind when you are behind the wheels. Drive safe to avoid road collisions. Happy driving! 

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