In this article, I want to cover one of the lesser known benefits of the keto diet. You probably already know that it is great for weight loss and weight control. However, did you know that the keto diet is also great for digestive health?

Whether you are a seasoned low-carb veteran at this point, or just starting out on your keto journey, it’s great to know these ways that keto helps your gut.

1 Getting Enough Fiber

First up, If you are following a keto or any low carb diet, it is really important that you still get enough fiber in your diet. Cutting out carbs should not come at the expense of no fiber. Fiber is critical to gut health, so don’t cut it out! As long as you eat plenty of vegetables, you will still get plenty of fiber, especially avocado, broccoli, and spinach.

In fact, in this way a keto diet can actually result in lots more fiber! By limiting carbs, you will naturally fill out meals with more vegetables, which can result in a net gain in fiber compared to eating carbs. To really boost fiber, consider eating some of your vegetables raw. In particular, uncooked spinach is packed with fiber and is an easy addition to most meals. Also, a great way to get raw veg is in smoothie form. For more tips on how to keep your keto diet healthy, check out Perfect Keto's tips to get into ketosis.


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2 High levels of Omega-3

If you have read a lot about keto, you may well have heard that it boosts the amount of omega-3 in your diet. By focussing on eating high-quality meats and fish, and eating plenty of healthy fats, you will find that you eat a lot more omega-3 than you would on a standard diet. Omega-3 is great for a ton of reasons, but of particular interest here is the way in which it can support gut health.

Studies have shown that high levels of omega-3 in your diet encourage microbial diversity. This means a broader range of gut flora, which helps protect against disease and in general creates a much healthier gut.

What is great about keto is that you will increase the amount of omega-3 in your diet without having to think about it. Because a keto diet forces you to eat more fish and high-quality meat, you will increase omega-3 levels without even trying!




3 Avoiding the bad stuff

If you are following a keto diet, odds are you’ll be buying quality, organic produce. After all, the diet places a lot of emphasis on quality fats – something that requires good meat and fish. Also, as I have already mentioned, replacing carbs with fresh, seasonal veg is a key part of keto recipes.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that buying good food will help you be healthy. However, you may not realize the beneficial effect this has on your gut. Not only is fresh, organic food going to contain more fiber, minerals, and vitamins, but it also will not have been exposed to pesticides, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and preservatives.

This is great news for your gut, as pesticides, GMOs, and preservatives can wreak havoc with the good bacteria in your gut. Similarly, if you eat poor quality meat that has been treated with antibiotics, these will also deplete gut flora. By following a keto diet with high-quality produce, you avoid all of this, meaning a healthier, happier gut!

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