About a year ago I made the switch from using traditional anti-perspirant deodorant from national leading brands to natural and organic varieties of deodorant. It was literally life changing. I remember my underarms “detoxing” from the anti-perspirant and thought how scary that really was that chemicals stay in your body for so long even after you stop using them regularly. It prompted me to detox as much from my beauty routine as possible and now I am a huge proponent of natural deodorant. I love finding new and unique deodorants that actually work. DeodoMom is a line of natural deodorants that is toxin-free and hypoallergenic, originally formulated especially for pregnant women, but works for all ages and genders.

DeodoMom is offered in two forms, a cream that comes in a jar and you apply with your fingertips, or a roll-on, which can easily be rolled onto your underarms. Both varieties have no aluminum, alcohol, fragrance, dye, or parabens, and both are 100% vegan. Out of all the deodorants I’ve tried over the last year, cream is my favorite format. The DeodoMom Cream is great! It is a great texture and consistency and is applied easily and I haven’t found it to leave behind any white residue. The roll-on has the same effectiveness, and seems to be a little thinner than the cream. DeodoMom in a jar sells for $10, while the roll-on sells for $12 on their site.


You can find out more about DeodoMom and the folks behind it on their website at You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of new products and promotions, as well as engage with a community of people equally concerned about what goes on and in their bodies!

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