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4 Awesome Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Loved One



Businesswoman blowing candles on her birthday cake in the office


It doesn't matter what age one is or how small or large the celebration might be, people enjoy having awesome birthday cakes. Guests also like biting into a creamy, sweet slice of cake to top off the birthday party. If there isn't any cake, then there isn't a proper celebration. In addition, there's no excuse for not including a birthday cake in any kind of special celebration because iconic stores bake up some delectable beauties your loved one will never forget. Best of all, these professionally-baked cakes can be custom-made, and their inexpensive prices are a super deal.

1. Say It with Tons of Sprinkles

When it comes to personalizing your birthday cake, Walmart gives you basically free reign. First, you select your cake size and format. For example, a double layer, 8-inch round cake will serve 16 people. Awesome birthday cakes by Walmart also feature a 1/4 sheet cake with an image to feed 24, a 2-tier round cake for 64 guests and a 3-tier round cake that serves 134. You dream it, and Walmart will bake it. It really is that simple and convenient.

Birthday cakes at Walmart are always on-trend. Sprinkles are a fabulous way to decorate your amazing birthday cake, and the famous big box store offers wonderful options. You can choose from 16 colorful, yummy sprinkles and quins to make your party cake unique and spectacular. The Walmart decorated cake order form makes it easy to fill out and create the perfect birthday cake.

2. Smash Cake

Every time your loved one is about to turn age, a major celebration is in order. A colorful, 5-inch patti-cake is so appropriate for celebrating every birthday. Your precious one will enjoy destroying the cake and licking every bit of icing.

The famous “smash cake” concept is another Kodak-moment waiting to happen. The cake is made as a single layer serving for the baby. The store also offers a lovely variety of big birthday cakes for children and adults.

3. Birthday Sheet Cake and Cupcake Combo

There are certain times when only one kind of cake and cupcake will do at a birthday event. Sam's Club does it right with an exquisite creation called their “Member's Mark Cookies ‘N Creme Quarter Sheet Chocolate Cake With 20 Chocolate Cupcakes.” That is a real mouthful in every sense of the word.

Talk about the ultimate crowd pleaser; this one delights every guest with its crunch, creaminess and Oreo cookie whipped icing. The chocolate cake is elegantly designed, and the frosting choices are up to you. The blue frosting and chocolate combination is a tasty and an eye-catching birthday cake to view.

4. Birthday Celebration Signature Cake

Publix stores are famous for their uniquely made birthday cakes. This creation is a whopper and is even available to order online at select stores. They need just 24 hours in advance notice, and this beauty can grace your next party.

Publix calls it the Birthday Celebration Signature Cake, and it's a one of a kind is their bakery knows how to deliver for an awesome party. The cake dazzles the eye in vividly-colored frosting and includes cool-looking, wavy birthday candles and real, curled ribbons adorning the sides of the cake. You add the personal message, and the bakery will go to work on it.

Purchasing an awesome birthday cake for your loved one will always be the key to a great party and surprise, and famous department and grocery stores don't disappoint. Their variety is major, and the cakes taste delicious. The prices are low and right for the quality you receive. Birthday cakes are something you remember at every age, so your loved one will appreciate the honor.