4 Creative Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

4 Creative Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Planning a wedding causes a lot of stress. There are so many things to consider, from the venue to the flowers. That’s why it’s so important to have a loyal bridal party by your side throughout the entire process. Bridesmaids can help the couple plan things and keep everything organized. It’s nearly impossible to get through the stress of planning a wedding without them. Show them how much you appreciate their assistance on the wedding day, and look at these creative bridesmaid gift ideas.


Everyone deserves to relax after a wedding, bridesmaid included. Let them know it’s okay to kick their feet up once the big day is over by giving them loungewear. Your girlfriends will love receiving loungewear as a gift, as it’ll be so nice not to wear formal attire anymore. They can even put it on after they slip out of their bridesmaid dresses. Many options look great on all body types, and there are so many reasons to love cotton ones. They can wear it around the house or while they run errands.

Wedding Survival Kit

Wedding survival kits are such a creative bridesmaid gift idea. Since couples usually think about big-picture items, like dresses and tuxedos, they often forget the little things. Give your bridesmaids wedding day survival kits filled with everything they’ll need on your big day. For example, medication is an excellent thing to add in case they get a headache or their feet hurt from dancing. Deodorant is another brilliant thing to include in a wedding survival kit because your girls will definitely get sweaty from partying all night. A wedding day survival kit is a practical gift that every girl will appreciate.


A sentimental gift idea for your bridesmaids is to create a scrapbook of all the memories you created together. Everyone gets emotional at weddings, as it’s a time to reminisce on all the things you did in the past while simultaneously looking forward to the future. Homemade scrapbooks offer an excellent way to capture that feeling. Your bridesmaids will get so emotional looking at all the photos you took together over the years. Make sure to leave a few pages blank, so they can add wedding photos once they come in.

Create a Specified Playlist

Make a playlist of all the songs you and your bridesmaids love. It’ll be great to listen to as you get ready. You’ll all remember the memories you created while listening to these songs. A playlist will get everyone pumped for the reception too. Make sure to include as many throwbacks as possible or songs your girls may have forgotten about. It’ll be so fun to see everyone’s reaction when an old tune comes on.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so make sure your bridesmaids know how much it means to you that they’re by your side. Have lots of tissues ready because, no matter what you give them, tears will be shed when they open the presents.

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