If you are a cat person, you know the joy that your furry four-legged friends can bring to your household. The masters of aloofness, they relish being kings or queens of their territory and like to think they can show their human counterparts who’s boss. The chances are that you chose to have a cat as your companion because you like the thought of an independent animal rather than a needy canine. You love the way your cat squeezes into any box in your house, no matter how tiny and seemingly uncomfortable and adore the way they knead your stomach and drool all over you when you’re trying to get some work done. Cats are, quite simply, kooky. Take a look at the four most endearing things about your moggy.

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  1. Scratching At Your Door


Your cat doesn’t actually want to come into the bathroom but show him a closed door when you want some privacy as you have a shower and he gets annoyed, thinking that you’ve excluded him. What better way to get your attention than to scratch? The persistence of felines is astounding, and he’ll be quite content destroying the door frame if it means you’ll eventually let him in.

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  1. The Face He Pulls When Taking Medicine


Like a stroppy kid, your kitty will refuse to take his medicine if he’s a bit peaky. No matter how hard you try to disguise that pill in his food, your feline will sneakily eat every morsel of his favorite treat leaving the tablet behind. One solution is to grab him when he’s least expecting it, shower him with strokes and surprise him with an Advantix for cats spot on. It’s easy to administer on the back of his neck, he won’t even know you’ve done it, and he’ll be flea free for another month.

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  1. They Seem To Annoy You On Purpose


You love your cat, but if you let your furry friend into your bedroom when you sleep, you’ll know the typical morning routine. At the crack of dawn, he will leap onto your bed headbutting your face, nuzzling into your limbs, walking across your body and purring as loudly as he can into your ear. You try to ignore him, but he continues, relentless in his quest to get your attention. As soon as you are wide awake and go to stroke him, he gives you a smug look and walks away content in the knowledge that he’s still got ultimate power over you.




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  1. They Leave Unwanted Gifts

No matter how hard you much you chastise them for it, you may often be greeted in the morning by a dead mouse in your shoe or a deceased bird on your kitchen floor. However hard you try to tell your moggy that killing another one of God’s creatures is simply not on, he’ll still bring you these gifts because he loves you. It’s sweet really, in a warped sort of way.

Our furry felines are unique. Sometimes they are needy and crave chin rubs and strokes, other times you won’t see them for a couple of days as they cruise the streets. The joy of cats are their weird and wonderful personalities, and you wouldn’t have them any other way.


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