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4 Iconic Foods That Kansas Is Most Famous For




Kansas is the country’s leading producer of wheat and the second when it comes to beef production. So expect nonetheless that the food culture in this state is overwhelmingly sumptuous and you could always guarantee to find a great meal whenever you visit. These are some of the four iconic foods that you can have in the Sunflower State. 


   1. Bierocks


This is a very common food that every person in Kansas would mention when you ask them what food is Kansas most famous for. Since it is heavy on its production of wheat, they have found a way to make this classic dish an iconic food found here. This is the perfect combination of dough, cabbage and onions, and beef and sausage. This food was brought by immigrants long ago and its recipe is still traditionally made in a lot of restaurants in Kansas. 


  2. Barbecue


There would be plenty of cuisines that would offer the best style of cooking meat. You would find that they are big on steak, fried chicken, and of course barbecue. It is so famous that almost every area has its trademark when it comes to making the barbecue and its sauce. Some of the most famous ones are the Easter-Style barbecue where the meat is cooked over wood-fired. It gives a rich smoky flavor to the dish. The Lexington-Style barbecue, on the other hand, is famous for its vinegar-based sauce with added ketchup, salt and pepper, and other secret ingredients.



  3. Seafood


Kansas is not just great with its meat, but can also offer varieties, especially that it has international guests coming at any time of the year. You would be able to find a great source for your seafood cravings, particularly a favorite dish here called Shrimp and Grits which is a delectable combination of shrimp and bacon topped with flavorful cheese. If you want the familiarity of specialty delicacies from other countries, you can easily find the best sushi places in Kansas City to get your sushi fix and other cravings for Japanese cuisine. If you want to scout other places that serve other types of cuisines, you will find one that will suit your taste.


  4. Burgers


.Kansas wouldn’t miss a chance to make its own take on this American classic. Their own version is bigger and topped with a rich helping of charred fried onion. Places that serve this combination are lined up by a lot of people because of their size and flavor. You would find that their burger is often paired with their signature beers and potato dishes. However, make sure that you are not having such a meal involving large calorie size and alcohol too close to your bedtime as this may cause indigestion and subsequent sleep disruption. Follow insidebedroom blog on similar sleep health tips for an overall better sleeping experience. Coming back to the Kansas burger, because of its popularity, a festival held once a year was made where they make a version of this burger the size of a flying saucer. It would be great to visit the area during this time.


Kansas is known for its food that will satisfy your food cravings. It offers its own take on classic meals and dishes while preserving some of its traditional style of cooking to serve its every guest. The food itself is all the adventure you need when you visit this wonderful state.