4 Indoor Wedding Arch Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Plan to spend about $2,300 on flowers for your wedding. For most people, this is about 7% of their total wedding budget. The cost is so high because flowers appear in a variety of places throughout the event. 

One place where flowers have become popular is on arches. These are large structures that are erected behind the altar area where the couple exchanges their vows. This creates a beautiful backdrop that's custom to the event. 

Consider these indoor wedding arch ideas for your wedding. 

1. Elaborate Indoor Wedding Ceremony Arch Ideas

You and your fiance will be the focus of all attention as you stand in front of friends and family for your ceremony. A wedding arch is a perfect backdrop. This is one area where you can splurge since it will be central to the main event. 

A larger budget lets you match the flowers on your arch to the flowers in your bouquet. Bunches of flowers could cover the entire arch and cascade down onto the ground. Remember that it needs to look three dimensional, so the flowers should wrap around the sides. 

For an elegant wedding, add decorative elements to the flowers. Drape pearl or diamond garland from the arch, weave lace through the flowers, or add lights.  

2. Simple Wedding Arch Ideas

If flowers cascading everywhere isn't your style, then opt for a simpler design approach. You could have a single burst of flowers that looks like a larger version of your bouquet. Instead of flowers, you could have a few large-scale fluffy feathers. 

A single vine or garland that extends out and down from one corner is an elegant accent for a square or rectangle-shaped arch. 

3. DIY Indoor Wedding Arch Ideas

You'll quickly realize that those elaborate arch ideas for indoor weddings can get quite expensive. If you're creative, you can build your arch. Start by buying a frame in the shape that you want your arch to be. 

Then attach your decorative pieces. This could be large greenery branches. Or hang long pieces of cloth or strips of fabric. 

Instead of paying for flowers, you can make your own out of paper. They are easy to make, and you can choose any color and size you want. 

4. Alternative Arch Decoration 

Greenery and flowers are the traditional materials used when decorating a wedding arch. However, it isn't your only option. Fresh flowers can trigger allergies, so try using dried foliage instead. 

Another option is to only use branches. Gather several to create the arch out of the branch. Use feathers of varying sizes to make a bouquet. 

Large tassels can create a boho feel. White and cream will create a neutral backdrop, but you could also hang several in colors that match your wedding's colors. A macrame curtain can also give a soft and creative feel. 

Try These Indoor Wedding Arch Ideas

Planning a wedding is stressful, but choosing from indoor wedding arch ideas doesn't have to be. Start by choosing the frame shape. Then determine your budget. 

Now that you know what you're working with, you can choose what will decorate your arch and how elaborate you can afford it to be. 

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