In order to properly enjoy a bottle of wine, it’s important to first properly decant it to remove the sediment at the bottom of the bottle that can ruin the flavor of your wine. When buying a glass wine decanter, there are four common mistakes you want to avoid in order to ensure your wine tastes as good as possible when you pour it into your glass.

1) The most expensive isn’t always the best

There are countless brands of glass wine decanters, but price doesn’t always equate to quality. Before you start shopping for your perfect decanter, think about how much wine you’ll be pouring and what purpose you want it to serve. If you’re hosting a dinner party and plan on serving multiple wines, maybe splurging on an expensive decanter is worth it; otherwise, a cheaper alternative that serves your needs might be just fine.  

2) Consider size, shape, style and weight

Your first step in purchasing a glass wine decanter is to figure out what size and shape you’d like. While most consumers tend to gravitate toward larger models that can hold several servings of wine, you should also take into account whether or not you plan on using your decanter for water or other beverages. You may find that a one-serving option suits your needs better than something larger. In addition, it’s important to consider style, as some designs are meant more for show than function. Paying attention to weight is also crucial because many people will be using both hands when serving from their glass decanter—it could get tiring if they’re holding an especially heavy object while they pour! To make sure you’re getting exactly what you want, do plenty of research before committing to a specific model.

3) Real vs. fake crystal

The vast majority of glass wine decanters sold on Amazon are made from real crystal, or lead-free crystal, but some sellers mix in counterfeit products. The problem with fake decanters is that they’re usually much cheaper than real Le Chateau wine decanter, which makes them appear like great deals. But be aware: you may end up paying more down the road if your lead-tainted glass breaks—or worse. Some people have reported dangerous levels of heavy metals contaminating their wine because they unknowingly purchased counterfeit products. If you want to make sure you’re getting an authentic Le Chateau wine decanter, buy directly from and don't take any chances.

4) Buy online from reputable sources

While online shopping is easier than ever, it’s also easier for counterfeit and low-quality products to make their way into your home. If you buy from reputable sellers, you’ll know that your product is real and high quality. Le Chateau is committed to providing high-quality wine decanters. They offer value pricing on all of our products so that they are accessible for every wine drinker out there! Plus, they guarantee 100% satisfaction with every purchase—if you aren’t happy with your Le Chateau purchase, return it within 30 days for a full refund.

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