Watching TV is often criticized for being a passive activity that's mindless and time-wasting. But pretty much everyone watches TV, and it's not all the same. For one thing, there's a difference between watching a history documentary and something about the Kardashians. On top of that, even if you are doing some light watching of a reality show, it could still have a positive influence on you. Apart from making you laugh and feel a range of other emotions, different types of TV can help you improve your life in several ways. Here's how your favorite shows could influence you positively.


Encourages a New Hobby


Have you ever picked up a new hobby because of a TV show you watched? Lots of people have. Shows about baking, sewing, DIY or even playing instruments often encourage people to try something new. Maybe you love watching Project Runway, and you've been thinking about making your own clothes. You can get a sewing machine inspired by the show and start doing just that. Read more about the Project Runway Sewing Machine here to decide if it's the right one for you. Maybe you'll also be inspired to do some DIY from watching Design on a Dime, or you can't help but be charmed into making some cakes by the Great British Bake-Off.

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Gives You Great Role Models


It's always good to have people to look up to. While it's healthy not to idolize people too much, positive role models can encourage you to make improvements to your own life. TV can offer lots of people to look up to, from full-blown celebrities to people you might see on documentaries or even on the news. You might admire the way an actor has a positive outlook, or you might see someone doing charitable work on a reality program.


Offers You Life Advice


TV can be a great place to get life advice. It might not be tailored to your exact circumstances, but advice often isn't, unless you ask someone directly. You get some excellent advice from watching TV, from the best ways to spend your money to how to make friends. If you've got a problem, you can probably find a TV show dedicated to solving it. There are shows that address money problems, relationship issues, how to dress, what to do if you have a problem at work, and how to run a business.


Teaches You About the World


Watching TV is an excellent way to educate yourself. You don't need to live your home to learn all about the world. There are so many incredible documentaries about science, nature, history, and much more. Of course, there are low-quality documentaries too. You have to be discerning if you want to learn the truth about a subject. But there are decades of documentaries to explore from all kinds of experts whenever you want to learn something new.


Watching TV is never a waste of time. Even if it's not helping you improve your life, it can at least improve your mood and your day.

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