We’re all looking for ways to make family life even better than it already is. For a lot of people, getting a pet is the ideal way to do this. If you don’t have kids yet, then it almost prepares you for looking after a child. If you do, then it’s just another addition to the family that everyone will love and your children can bond with!

Either way, pets are awesome, and every family should try and own one. Naturally, you need to think about what type of pet your family wants. There are quite literally hundreds of options out there, but we’re only going to talk about one today; dogs.

Dogs are a classic pet option and probably the number one pet in the world – though they face stiff competition from cats! The thing is, dogs are just so perfect for families. They make the best family pets out there, and there are a plethora of reasons why this is the case. So, today’s article is going to look at all the amazing reasons dogs are the ideal pet for your family! Check them out down below to see why you should get a dog:

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They Come In So Many Different Varieties

One of the main reasons I think dogs are the perfect family pets is that there are many different breeds out there. No matter what, you’re guaranteed to find a dog that suits your family and your situation. It’s almost like there’s a breed for every type of person/family you can think of.

For families with small homes, you’ve got a range of small dogs such as Pugs, Poodles, and Pomeranians. These are ideal for your family as you don’t need a lot of space to look after them, and they’re easy to take care of. Likewise, these small dogs are perfect for families with small children that might be a bit afraid of dogs when they’re young. They’re really small and cuddly, which doesn’t make them intimidating, and your children will get along well with them.

Then, you have larger dogs such as Alsatians, Labradors, and others. While they may start off small as puppies, they do grow to be a bit bigger. Not ideal for a small house, but perfect for someone with a slightly larger home, a garden, and access to nearby parks to walk the dogs. You do need a bit of space to look after a big dog, and they are probably better suited for families with kids that don’t have a fear of dogs.

But, it’s not just the size and looks you have to think about, it’s the personality of the dog and their energy levels too. There are some dogs that are super hyper all the time and need to be walked at least twice a day. Then, you have some that are just a bit more laid back and don’t need that many regular walks. Again, each type is best suited for a different type of family. Those of you that maybe have an adult at home all day can handle a high-maintenance dog as there are people to walk it all the time. Likewise, if your kids are older, they can do a lot of the walking and take care of the dog too. Not only that, but older children may notice when the dog might not be their usual self and let you know so that you are able to treat this with something like the best cbd for dogs, if appropriate, or whether you need to take your canine companion to the vets. However, while your intentions may be good, the truth is that with a family where everyone is busy, and there isn’t someone readily available to look after the dog, you’re best suited to a low-maintenance breed.

The bottom line is, dogs are perfect for families as you will always find the perfect breed to suit your needs.  

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You Can Play So Many Games With Dogs

An underrated reason dogs are the perfect family pet is that you can play so many games with them. In fact, I’d say dogs are the only pet that allows you to get involved with them and play games. Most other pets kind of like doing their thing and chilling. Sure, cats do sometimes partake in some games, but they mainly involve teasing them with a piece of string.

With a dog, they actually get you outside playing games with them. Of course, the most obvious and popular game is fetch. You throw an object far into the distance, your dog runs off, picks it up, and returns it to you. Such a simple game, but you can spend hours playing it until your dog gets tired. What makes this even more fun is there are loads of fetch gadgets you can buy to enhance the game. You’ve got things like the Godoggo fetch machine that does all the throwing for you, meaning your arm doesn’t get tired. Then, you have those things that look like small plastic handles with a plastic net on the end to hold the ball. You can use them to launch the ball even further and really test your dogs fetching ability.

Along with fetch, you have another classic game; catch. This is arguably the most fun game as it really tests your dog's talents and feels good when it comes off. The idea is simple, you throw a frisbee – or anything else your dog can safely catch in their mouth – up into the air, and they jump up and catch it. Dogs love it, humans love it, you just have a lot of fun playing it.

As you can see, owning a dog means you’re never far away from fun because they want to play games with you. This gives your kids something to do as well because they can play games with the dog in the garden or in the park.


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They Have Loads Of Cute Toys

Another reason dogs are the perfect family pet is that they have loads of cute toys you can buy and watch them enjoy. You might not think this is a very good reason, but you’ll be surprised at how much more fun you have with a pet when they’ve got lots of toys. It gives them something to play with on their own and for you to watch them play with.

Plus, it’s just really fun going out and buying new toys for your pet dog. The look on their face when they see their new toy is quite amazing. They’re really similar to young children in that they get so excited by new toys and become obsessed with one and take it everywhere they go.

As well as this, there’s also a very important benefit of dog toys for owners. If your dog has lots of toys to play with, they can keep themselves occupied when you’re busy. It means they’ll happily be playing with their toys while you make dinner and your kids do their homework. The simple fact is, there are few pets that can have as much fun on their own as dogs, which takes a lot of the strain off you and your family as you don’t feel like you need to constantly entertain them.

Also, it just gives you an excuse to buy your dog presents, which is really fun and cute!

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Dogs Help You Exercise & Stay Healthy

Again, this is something of an underrated reason dogs are the perfect family pet. There are simply no other pets out there that encourage you to be as active and fit as dogs do. I’ve mentioned how you need to walk dogs regularly, with some even requiring multiple walks per day. While some may see this as a chore, it’s really just an excuse to exercise!

I’ve seen many people out in the mornings or evenings running with their dog on a lead. It gets both of you out and about, ensuring you both get a daily dose of exercise. There are some people that have gotten seriously fit thanks to their new dog! Plus, they don’t just help you exercise by taking them on walks, you can exercise when you play games like fetch or catch with them too.

Of course, it’s not just you that benefits, best cbd for dogs it’s your whole family too. If you have kids that have a tendency to stay inside playing video games and watching TV, a god is an excuse to force them outside. Make them walk the dog every day, and they have to get out of the house and walk for an hour or so. It keeps them healthy, and they’ll reap the rewards of this later on in life.

It’s just a fact that no other pet has this benefit. Most pets are always kept in their little cages or pens, apart from dogs and cats. But, you’re never going to stick a cat on a lead and walk it are you? They do their own thing, but dogs need you to walk them and play outside, which keeps you healthy!

In summary, dogs are just the best pet for your family. As well as all the reasons above, they also do one special thing; provide your children with a best friend. Having a dog can seriously help a child that might be struggling to make friends or could be going through a difficult time in their life. If you want a family pet, I suggest getting a dog.


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