Smiling is one of the best feelings in the world. Not only does smiling make you feel happier, it’s a great way to look better. If you want to look great, a smile can instantly make your face glow. It’s also one of the main things that guys like about girls, as it’s one of the first things they notice about them. Here are four ways to improve your smile so that it’s really great.


Facial exercises


Practice makes perfect, so you should keep trying your smile in front of a mirror till you are happy. Try different ways you could smile include leaving your mouth open and closed. Take photos of your face during each smile so you can see what it looks like and whether it works for you. You can also do some facial exercises to help improve your smile. Facial exercises can be just as effective as surgery for perfecting your smile and making you look, and feel younger. They will also improve the muscles that create the smile. You should try these three exercises which will help to improve your smile.


Natural smile

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Smiling is a great way to show you think something is great, so you should do it as often as you can. However, trying to smile when you don’t want to will make the smile not look genuine, and will make you not approachable. People will be able to tell if you are faking a smile, especially if your cross or unhappy. Your eyes will tell also tell the truth. A natural smile will lighten up your face, and often is followed by a laugh. As this article suggests, you should remember how it feels, as it’s great to do a natural smile.


Look after your teeth

Maintaining your teeth with a Cosmetic dentist in Charlotte is an essential way to improve your smile.   Especially if you smile when your mouth is open, as your teeth will be on display. Make sure that you regularly go for dentist appointments so that they can treat any problems with your teeth. As discussed here, you should make sure you are not eating a bad diet as this will lead to your teeth being decayed. Smoking and excessive alcohol use can also stain your teeth which will result in a horrible smile. If your teeth are making your smile look bad, you could have a whitening treatment or Porcelain Veneers which will make your teeth look great.


Use Lipstick



If you want your smile to look great, you should make sure that you are using a great lipstick which will highlight your lips. Make sure you try different colours to see what suits your tone, and you can match it to the rest of your outfit. A great lipstick will really make your lips look more appealing. If you are not keen on lipstick, you could use a lip gloss to give your lips some character. A lip liner will also help enhance the size of your mouth, and make your smile look fab.
These tips can really help make you have a smile which lights up your whole face.

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