A cup of coffee can make a change and set your mood for the whole day, and making the perfect cup by yourself can really make a difference. You do not need to rely on overpriced coffee or go to a coffee shop near you. If you just follow these simple steps, you can create your own concoction of this delicious drink, every day, right in your own home. 

1. Choose Fresh Beans

If you know your coffee, then you will know which ones will suit your taste. Try reading and researching to get at least basic knowledge of your favorite roast coffee beans, through it you will be able to distinguish which varieties will suit your taste. And when you carefully pick which ones you like then you should purchase the freshest beans as much as possible, most companies don’t put the date of the roasting in the coffee pack. This is because the coffee will reach its peak flavor just a few days after it has been roasted and should be immediately consumed within a month of its roast date. Like the best coffee beans Brisbane, you should look for roasters that provide a farm to cup process to ensure that your coffee beans won't lose their fresh flavor. 

2. Pay Attention to Grinding

Invest in the high-quality grind, although grind varies and there is no one-size-fits-all grind size for making a quality cup of coffee. The right and good grind will be based on your preference. There are two basic things to consider when you are grinding your coffee, if you want sweet and mild coffee then you should do a finer grind which means smaller particles with a larger surface area to slow the movement of water and this will extract more of the coffees flavor notes. While a coarse grind will give you more caffeinated cups that will give you a lot more of a caffeine punch.

3. Warm Your Mug

You know that temperature is the key to coffee. Boiling the coffee so hot will produce a taste that you don’t want and having cold coffee is also not ideal. Make sure that before you put water to your ground beans and filter, pour a little bit of hot water into your mug. Pouring a third of it in the cup will warm the mug during the few minutes of waiting for your coffee to be done. With this, your coffee will keep its temperature and its flavor longer. 


It is easier than you think, it doesn’t take you a mountain to climb to know how to get your cup of coffee. Something as simple as knowing your beans properly, doing your grind, and warming your cup will surely make a difference. It doesn’t matter whether your morning coffee is mountain-grown beans and hand-picked or regular beans and drip coffee maker, just follow these simple steps for a tasty, satisfying cup every time. 

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