4 Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Spread Kindness

4 Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Spread Kindness

This world could always use a bit more love. Luckily, love spreads in a myriad of ways so that, no matter who you are, how old you are, or what you have in life, you can play a part in the world’s love. One of the best ways to encourage that love is through constant and consistent kindness. But to have that, a focus on kindness must start at a young age so that kids build the habits that will last throughout their lives.

That’s where parents come in! You can help them embrace kindness, generosity, and love with just a few simple activities. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite simple ways to help kids spread kindness. From gathering donations with them to helping them deliver flowers, kindness and love could be around every corner!

Leave a Gift on Neighbor’s Doorsteps

An offering of unexpected gifts is one of our favorite ways to spread kindness! It requires as much effort as the kids want to put into it. We love the idea of letting them pick some flowers from the garden and leaving a bundle on the doorstep. Or, if the neighbor was out doing a lot of yardwork, even a nice glass of lemonade can make an impact! Sometimes the easiest way to embrace and spread kindness is by starting with those we know. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Slip a friendly note under the door
  • Leave some fresh fruit on their porch
  • Make a care package of fresh baked goods

Gather Clothing Donations

If you’ve been having the kids help out with summer chores and cleaning around the house, then this is the next step. Have them compile unused home goods and clothes that they no longer wear into a box for donation. From there, do some research with them to figure out what organizations they’d like to support. For example, if they’re interested in supporting military families, then you can send donations to the Purple Heart.

Figure out what they care about, and then you can show them how there are always ways to support those causes. It's one of the simplest ways to help kids spread kindness!

Send Notes to Hospitals and Nursing Homes

On a rainy summer day, get the construction paper, some stickers, and any other note-decorating tools together for the kids. Encourage them to write a variety of notes for those in hospitals. It could be a slew of jokes, words of encouragement, or even DIY Mad Libs. These are such sweet ways to spread kindness to those who might feel pretty lonely right now.

Teach Respect for the Earth

Kindness doesn’t just target people; it applies to the planet as well. Teach your kids how to be respectful toward the earth—it’s an act of kindness that’s reciprocal in nature. Have them plant some trees in the backyard; the planet will love it, and they’ll love seeing a small seed grow. Teach them to be kind to all animals, and they’ll see how that love comes back to them. Earthly kindness affects everyone and everything involved!

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