At around the age of one, your child should get their first tooth. Now is when you’ll start worrying about their oral hygiene and schedule their first dental visit.

But, you shouldn’t just take your toddler to any dentist – you should look for a dentist specializing in pediatric dentistry.

Here are four other factors to consider when choosing the best dentist for your child.

1. Online Reviews

Aside from getting personal recommendations from your family and friends, searching for a child-friendly dentist online is one of the best ways to start your search.

Simply open up Google and enter the search terms and your location – for example, “best pediatric dentist near me in Gurgaon.”

Most businesses have a Google information page with honest reviews from their clients. These reviews are invaluable because they contain unbiased opinions of the dentist’s service from past and current patients. Read all the reviews, good and bad.

Something to pay special attention to is how the dentist’s office responds to bad reviews – the responses will give you a good idea of how the dentist treats their patients and runs their business. Search for the dental practice on social media platforms and check their credentials as well.

2. Experience

Pediatric dentists take care of children from infancy to 18 years of age. This means they have a lot of experience when it comes to interacting with and treating children at all life stages.

While pediatric dentists are general dentists, they need to specialize in pediatric dentistry and complete a few extra years of school to obtain their credentials. This means they are more in tune with childhood development and behavior and can detect dental health problems before they become major issues.  

Although you can take your child to a general dentist, pediatric dentists are much better equipped to diagnose and care for children. If your child has special needs, a pediatric dentist has undergone training that makes them the best option.

3. Atmosphere and Proximity

Once you’ve found a pediatric dentist you’d like your child to try, schedule an in-person tour of the practice to gauge how conveniently it’s located. The proximity of the practice should be a factor when deciding on a dentist because it must be convenient to visit.

You’d also be surprised about what you can learn about a dentist from the staff and the cleanliness of the practice. Being greeted by a welcoming receptionist and finding a clean, accessible, well-organized office is a sign that the dentist and staff take great pride in their work.

4. Services Offered

Your child will need to visit the dentist you choose at least twice a year. The pediatric dentist will perform a check-up and professional cleaning at these appointments. Most dentists will also teach their young patients how to properly care for their teeth.

However, there are other services you may need to make use of in the future, so ensure the dentist offers them. Some pediatric dentists don’t offer sealants, dental sedation, and fillings.

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