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4 Things to do on a Yacht Cruise Day Trip



Cruising the ocean in your own privately chartered yacht is a sensational experience. The smell of the sea, the breeze in your hair, the sun on your back, all makes for a wonderful day trip, especially when you visit islands only accessible by boat. If you’re thinking of vacationing in a beautiful coastal area, here are a few things to consider doing during your trip.

1. Book a Day Cruise

Chartering a yacht for a day cruise will be a day to remember forever. Luxury tropical boat yacht charters provide a special experience that you may only be able to do a few times during your life. You can stop off and visit small, pristine islands where you can swim, snorkel, hike, and have a picnic lunch. When you choose luxury yacht charters for the day, you’re on your own schedule and can spend as much time exploring this island and the surrounding water as you like. You’ll have to get there early though if you want a good space for anchorage. For the truly adventurous, overnight camping permits are offered.

2. Explore a Small Village

Do some research prior to your trip and locate any small, charming villages that look like something from out of the movies. In addition to the charm and history, you’ll be able to enjoy gorgeous views as well. Exploring a little village can be a fun adventure where you can check out the local shops and vendors or stop at a great place to stop for lunch. You may find a fun, low-key crawfish shack and have a tasty drink before getting back on your yacht and heading to the next destination.

3. Find a Fun Party Scene

Certain islands or towns near beaches tend to have the reputation of being a “party town.” Whether visitors and locals enjoy visiting the local hotspots for drinks, dining, and fun, a lively location can be a great way to break up your vacation. You’ll have time to kick back and recharge and let the stress melt away, then you can use your newfound energy to socialize and dance the night away. Look out for any restaurants or venues that offer live music or beachfront bars that seem to have a fun, lively crowd.

4. Dine at a Waterfront Restaurant

For many travelers, the local cuisine is the one thing they most anticipate about traveling to a new location. Some travelers like to book the fanciest, most reputable restaurants and have a high-end dining experience, while others like to check out the hidden gems that the locals frequent for a truly authentic experience. No matter which you prefer, or even if both of these sound appealing to you, always be sure to look u restaurants online that are situated right on the water. Waterfront restaurants have unbeatable views.

As a bonus, you can look up what the time sun should be setting on any given day and schedule your reservation around that time so you can soak in even more amazing views. This is a great time to take a few photos with your fellow travelers so you can remember the true beauty of the views for years to come.

On your next trip to the coast, consider leaving the beach and exploring the vast ocean in style with a luxury yacht charter. It will be an unforgettable day at sea with many little adventures along the way.