4 Tips for Buying Your First Pair of Cowboy Boots

4 Tips for Buying Your First Pair of Cowboy Boots

Is anything quite as fun as the perfect pair of cowboy boots? These beauties come in various shapes and colors, and they’re also always fashionable. You can wear Western boots with a dress in the summer or with some flannel and jeans in the fall. As you shop, follow these incredible tips for buying your first pair of cowboy boots.

Determine the Style You Want

You can’t just buy any pair of boots, because cowboy boots come in a variety, including riding boots, work boots, and fashion boots. Each of these differs in various areas, including:

  • Heel height: Riding boots have higher heels than work boots.
  • Toe style: There are square, rounded, and pointed toes.
  • Shaft height: You could get shorties or the classic 12-inch shaft length.

If you’re not sure what you want, check out photos online or go into the store to browse. And remember, the boots you’ve envisioned in your mind may not be the pair you end up buying. Try on different styles to determine what’s most comfortable.

Decide What Leather You Like

Western boots don’t come in a single leather type. Cowhide is the most common, but most stores also offer exotic leathers ranging from snake to ostrich to crocodile hide. Each leather looks different, and what appeals to one person isn’t necessarily the style for everyone. Look for a store offering multiple types of leather so that you can buy what matches your style.

Once you’ve found the perfect boots, make sure the leather is authentic. This means you’ll have to maintain the shoes and material, since leather can otherwise crack. By knowing how to care for your leather cowboy boots, you’ll get to keep the pair for years. There’s nothing quite like a great pair of boots that can get you through years of occasions and memorable events.

Buy the Right Size

And of course, you’ll need to buy the appropriate size; cowboy boots don’t fit quite like other boots or shoes. You’ll need to try them on and walk around a bit, and you’ll also need to wear them often to ensure they mold to your foot shape. There will ideally be some heel slip in the beginning, but this will eventually subside. Also, note that sizing is different with cowboy boots, since they run large most of the time.

With these tips for buying your first pair of cowboy boots, you can rest assured knowing you’ll buy boots that are comfortable and stylish!

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