The summer is here, and a lot of women are already trying to get in shape or the next season. However, while you work out and do all you can to prepare for the swimsuit season, you need to ensure that you actually do get the right kind of micro bikini for your body.

To wit, consider the following steps:

Know your body type

Our shape as well as the places where you tend to distribute weight naturally will be able to determine the type of micro bikini to put on that will look best on you. Take a measurement of your hips at their widest point, your waist at the smallest point, and your bust at the fullest point for the best results. The styling and sizing of microkinis is usually decedent on these ratios.

However, depending on your body shape, here are some suggestions that could work for you:

  • Pear shape: If you have hips that are significantly wider than both your bust and your waist, then you’re most likely a pear shape.
  • Apple shape: If your waist is wider than your hips and equal to or almost as wide  as your butt, then you’ve got an apple shape
  • Hourglass shape: If you have your bust and hips to be about the same width, but your waist is smaller than both, then the hourglass shape is what you’ve got
  • Straight: You’re straight if you’re thin all around, and you have no major difference between all three areas of your body.


Get yourself prepared

Before you go out (or online) to a micro bikini store for your micro bikini, make sure that you’ve taken care of hair removal. Get rid of any hair that you don’t want to show while you’re trying your microbikini out. This is especially recommended if you’re looking to model or enter into a competition of some sort.

Also don’t forget to put on underwear. Every store that sells microkinis expects that their customers try their products while they still have their undergarments on. Plus, you probably don’t want to take the hygiene risk of going raw.


Make sure to go to the right store

There are a lot of establishments that specialize in the sale of beach war (essentially, everything from sporty stuff to lounging micro bikinis), so make sure to do your homework and get one that will fit you the most. There is also a SwimOutlet that you can go to, and find the perfect swimsuit at.

Also, in case you’re not really into beach wear, there are a lot of clothing brands that make their beach wear ranges available at various stores all around. If you choose to go the online shopping way, then you might want to reserve that for times when you already know the specifications of a microkini and you just want to get a duplicate of it.


Make sure to consider colors and fabrics as well

The major secret to getting a good micro bikini is purchasing one that is able to draw the eyes from your less flattering body parts to your most beautiful physical features. Apart from the fact that you’ll be looking at your best, this will definitely help you feel more comfortable and assured of yourself.

The following tips can help you put:

  • If you want to highlight a specific feature that you like, then you can use a pattern or bright color
  • A solid color is more appropriate or hiding features you don’t like
  • If you’ve got pale skin, then deep jewel tones or black (such as maroon, ark purple, etc.) will work the best for you
  • Bright colors will be more flattering and useful in hiding things you don’t like if you’re blessed with dark sin
  • If you want to add some volume, then choose a piece that has ruffles inn the desired area
  • If your choice is to reduce volume in a specific area, go for ruched or shirred fabric
  • Also, remember that there is no crime in getting separates that are an imperfect match. For instance, if you want to highlight your cleavage and you want to draw attention away from your hips, you can by a micro bikini top that has a bright color or pattern and a bottom that has a bark color.


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