4 Tips for Throwing a Virtual Baby Shower

4 Tips for Throwing a Virtual Baby Shower

Baby showers are normally uplifting times when guests can smother a pregnant friend or relative with attention, support, and gifts. With the unpredictability of COVID-19, many people are opting for a virtual shower, which can feel comparatively empty without physically present guests to do the smothering.

That said, if you’re planning a party, you can still make the most of a less-than-ideal party to bless the mom-to-be. Here are some tips for throwing a virtual baby shower that will pleasantly surprise her and, if all goes well, bring her to happy tears.

Understand Your Online Venue

When going virtual, your “venue” is the video call platform you choose. Perhaps more than ever, your venue is tremendously important. Here are some of the top options you can pick from:

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • FaceTime

Zoom is simple. There’s no limit to the number of people logging on, though the free version does have a 40-minute limit per session, so you’ll have to start a new call when 40 minutes elapse. Skype doesn’t have this time limit, but it does limit video to 50 devices. Meanwhile, Google Hangouts and FaceTime require you to have a Google email and Apple product respectively, making these more restrictive.

When you land on a platform, make sure it works. The quickest way to sink a virtual event is by failing to launch appropriately. Enlist a small army of testers to help you begin a call; in addition, familiarize yourself with all the available features.

Plan Your Invites

Consider how many people you’ll invite. Because there’s no real ability to have side conversations on a video call, having too many people becomes distracting and counterproductive. Either limit your invites or hold an open house shower and schedule discrete groups at different times. The goal here is to avoid overwhelming your pregnant friend or relative and instead give them a good time with loved ones.

Remember the Gifting Process

Another tip for throwing a virtual baby shower is to determine how you’ll go about gift-giving. Though you’re holding a virtual event, a soon-to-be mom still needs tangible things to kick off baby life smoothly. The first step for guests looking for the perfect baby shower gift is to check the registry, which you can still build and offer to people online easily enough.

They can ship gifts directly to the expectant mom, who unwraps them on camera one by one. If you had to switch up your plans at the last second and couldn’t coordinate shipping, though, don’t fret. Guests can open the gifts themselves and talk about why they chose them.

Encourage the Mom-to-Be

Preparing for parenthood amidst a pandemic, with health and economic risks galore, is extremely stressful. This weighs on her mind, and having a virtual baby shower isn’t what she planned either. Overall, this time is an intensely emotional one.

More than anything, the mom-to-be will need loved ones’ encouragement. Be proactive and prep guests to give her an encouraging message during a specific portion of the call or even sprinkled throughout. This gesture helps compensate for your lack of physical presence through the power of your words.

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