While moving into a new home may be one of the most beautiful feelings, it’s also important to consider various risks and prepare for them.


One such risk is assuring your new home’s safety and security.


As you move into a new property, you may not always know about the security leaks that burglars may find their way through. Your best bet? Prepare smartly while DIYin you new home’s safety and security.


And how to do that?


Well, here are four tips to help you do that. So, buckle up and read on.

1. Secure Your Doors

Your house’s doors are the easiest gateways that a thief may try to get in through. Now, as a burglar situation will always come uninvited, it’s important for you to make sure that all your doors are secured and locked.


And how to do that?


Use strong door frames. Make sure that the hinges are protected. And check that no human can reach and unlock the door through the mail slot. Also, if you are moving into a property that was a residence to somebody else, change the locks. 


Using the same old locks will leave your house vulnerable to being used and/or robbed.

2. Lock Windows; Completely

Just like doors, windows too are the common entry points for burglars. They are easy to guess, right?


Well, unfortunately, the standard latches on your house’s windows may not be enough to keep such threats at bay. So, if you don’t like them, replace them with something that’s more sturdy, and you feel confident about.


Apart from that, you can also:


  • Cover window glass with security film
  • Install window or glass break sensors.
  • Add window bars.
  • Plant prickly bushes under first-floor windows (but make sure you keep them trimmed).


This will do enough to keep your windows safe from any burglar attacks.

3. Don’t Let Your Property Be Under Dark

Many of us like to keep the lights off. It's undoubtedly relaxing but is it safe?


Well, as you are planning to DIY your home's security, you must make sure that your house has enough light at all hours. The pathway. Backyard. Halls. Stairways. All of these need to have enough light so the burglars or any other criminals that may break into your property can easily be spotted.


And if you want to add to your house's security, you can consider using motion-activated lights.


This will be beneficial in two ways. First, motion-activated lights will save energy by going off when there's no movement. Secondly, these lights can unexpectedly put the burglar/criminal trying to break into your property under the spotlight.


Any burglar would hate that.

4. Be Equipped and Prepped

As you have decided to hold up the torch for securing your new home, it’s important for you to be adequately equipped.


Not that you need to have a fistfight with the burglar. (Don’t! That’s risky). However, if required, you should have the right equipment to get a hold of the thief that may have broken into your property.


For this purpose, you can consider equipping yourself with the following safety tools:


  • A Police baton or nightstick
  • A stun/taser gun
  • A Police hobble
  • ASP handcuffs
  • Firearms if you have a license


Also, make sure that you acquire some knowledge and practice experience on how to use these devices. And the best would be to keep yourself out and away from situations where you may have to tackle a criminal on your own.

Final words

If you just moved into a new house, safety may surely be a primary concern for you. But don’t worry. Before you hire a security agency, the aforementioned tips will help you secure your property.

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